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I love that this was said…

“How people treat you is their karma.  How you react is yours.” Wayne Dyer


One powerful antidote to cynicism may lie in working to improve your relationships through offering a civil approach toward others.  Civility is the opposite of cynicism.  And although we cannot ultimately control how others will treat or react to us, we can control how we treat and react to others.  It’s all about respectful interaction with others – whether or not we agree with them, their ideas or approaches.


If others are treating you badly and you react with more bad behavior (arguing, insults, finger-pointing, etc.) then you are bringing that energy to life in your life.  If others treat you badly and you react with belonging, nurturing, or respect/esteem – you are brining that energy into your life.


I read somewhere that negative energy directed at you is a call for help from you – it’s your love/care/concern/help that can make the difference for the person who is in pain and misdirecting their upset at you.  Refusing a call for help is living your life in agreement that you are not deserving of help unless you behave a certain way – and that is nonsense – we all deserve grace.  Underserved favor (or help) is grace.  We experience it best when we offer it to another.


Favor an experience of grace vs. an experience of anger/fear/arguing, etc.



Navigate “the force” around you and connect with “the power” within you – here’s how…

Want some help navigating “the force” around you at work?


Avoid grief, stress and even job burnout while navigating complex work situations that drain your energy and power.  Create a vision for a work environment with professional alliances that are better aligned with your values, talents and ambitions.  Strengthen your ability to see opportunities to experience your desired work situation –  in the job you already have – even if it’s a job you hate!


Restore your energy and confidence to resonate with opportunities that favor your envisioned success.  Be supported by a former head of Human Resources – an employment relations expert – who can inspire new perspectives and strategize new approaches to your work and the people you interact with in a way that enables win/win outcomes.  Serve and interact with others with a sense of calm, confidence, purposefulness – with power!


Get this coaching for yourself through my Caged In My Cube:  Doing Powerful Work You Love Despite The Job You Hate coaching sessions.  Contact me today at 888/560-8233 to find out if this program is right for you.


I love that this was said…

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit.  Genius hits a target no one else can see”.  Arthur Schopenhauer


Genius is often thought of as a “rare form of intelligence”.  This quote implies that to truly make a difference, you have to not only hit a target others don’t yet see – but it must also be one that they value more than the one they aimed for in the first place.


It’s about being more than inspiring – it’s about exceeding another’s expectations by creating a possibility they never even imagined.  A possibility to make a bigger difference for another, a cause, or audience you care about helping to advance.


I love that this was said…

“The outer work can never be small if the inner work is great.  And the outer work can never be great if the inner work is small.”  Meister Eckhart


We constantly project what we are feeling inside to our external circumstances.  We simply are the writer, director, producer, casting agent and star of our daily lives.  This includes what we experience through our work.  Work on making you the greatest self you can be and watch your experience of your work (this includes the people you interact with) shift to something greater – something more meaningful.


If you are feeling bored with your work ask yourself: 

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I love that this was said…

“Happiness is the joy you feel while striving for your potential.”  The ancient Greeks’ definition of happiness


Happiness is experienced in fleeting moments.  Positive psychology research has found that only 10% of our long-term levels of happiness come from external factors (i.e. what others do for us), and 90% comes from how we process the world we find ourselves in.


It’s easy for us to notice (and eventually become) anything we decide to immerse  ourselves in.  Immerse yourself in what fills your energy – follow your bliss as they say.  But then apply purpose to that (and gratitude for that) experience – honor that blissful experience by being strong in that state even in presence of a counter state you may be witnessing from others.


Process the world your find yourself in through the filter of your chosen state of being.  For example, with happiness as my chose state of being this year, my mantra will be “how can I bring the power of happiness to this moment?”  For me that will look like helping myself and others to focus on how what their experiencing (good or bad) may be related to their greater development.


I believe that the moment we see purpose for anything (especially seemingly “bad” things we may have experienced) – it instantly ushers in feelings of joy, connection with a sense of purpose and a sense of trust that everything will be (more than) ok.


I love that this was said…

“I prefer to come to work each day and just see what develops.”  Donald J. Trump


I love this spirit of being open to opportunity.  Having a day planned with activities (your HOW ideas) that keep you in alignment with your goals and values (your WHAT ideas) is great – but always leave room for the Universe to reveal HOW opportunities you couldn’t have imagined or anticipated to show up – and then take advantage of them over your HOW plans for the day.


Your HOW ideas are never better than what the Universe will put in front of you every day!   You are on the hook for WHAT to accomplish and to act on opportunities that bring you closer to manifesting your WHAT ideas – you are not on the hook for all the HOW ideas – delegate most of the HOW to the Universe.


Is Worrying About Money Keeping You Up At Night?

Anyone who is going through a career crisis worries about money at some point.  If you seem to worry about money much more than you would like – here’s something that may help you shift into a more balanced perspective about money…


Do you believe that your relationship with money was developed in your childhood?  Do you believe that those beliefs may still be running the show with how you relate to money today?


This concept and more are introduced by my friend Ellen Rogin at her recent TedX talk.  Ellen is a CPA, CFP®  and an Abundance Activist® – those are fancy credentials that let you know that she is a highly experienced financial advisor who is chock full of “left-brain” credentials (MBA, CPA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™).  She balances that professional training with her “right-brain” know how (balancing values, big picture ideas, meditation and a sense of humor).


Ellen is a nationally-known expert on living a life of success and prosperity and building wealth. She speaks to audiences around the country on creating success and abundance in their lives and in the lives of their children.  In addition to all that she is also the NY Times bestselling co-author of Picture Your Prosperity:  Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.


In this brief video Ellen shares tips as well as a simple exercise on how you can have a breakthrough about your relationship with money – PLUS – she also teaches you how to break the cycle of bestowing your limited money beliefs onto your children.  Through this video you can help your kids have a healthy relationship with money as well!


I hope you enjoy this video and that it helps you sleep with less worry about money…

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If work has you feeling like “I don’t wanna…” – shift your focus to this…

Sometimes we just don’t wanna do the things we have to do.  The reasons are vast and wide….


We’re tired, cranky, hungry, we don’t feel good, we just need a hug – oy!  We’re downright babies sometimes aren’t we?!


We all have our off days.  We can have our moods from time to time but what we cannot do is sustain a sense of satisfaction from our work if all we are focused on acting on our negatively charged moods.  At work, our moods tend to become negatively charged when we are focused on what we  perceive to be as less than favorable external factors and lack of potential rewards.  This includes things like:


  • doing stuff we don’t like to do (tasks we have to do)
  • worrying about how other people react to what we do
  • interacting with people we don’t like
  • having to do more with less time and resources
  • having to go somewhere we don’t like to do our work
  • working under undesirable conditions


In other words, we are focused on factors we have little to no control over.


I am a believer that we can only EASILY control 3 things at work:

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You’re better than talented if you’re being this…

This week I was paid my favorite compliment – twice!!


I was called “brilliant” (sigh).  It makes my heart melt every time I hear that word.  For me it’s the ultimate hitting of the “making a difference” target.


These compliments happened shortly after someone (brilliantly) shared a quote with me about the difference between talent and brilliance.


Once again for me it proves true that when we have clarity about something (like the distinction between talent and brilliance in my case), we begin to expertly notice opportunities to practice – and therefore, experience – the thing we have clarity about.  The power of clarity is real.  But I digress – let’s get back on track…


The quote is…


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Discovering Your Values – The First Step In Career Choice

Check me out as I am interviewed on the importance of knowing your values as the first step in making a career choice.

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