It’s easier than you think to be confident in your life choices with programs that Help You Discover a Life You can Love


indigoforce is dedicated to helping professionals and students (16+) clarify their interests and talents and match them to majors, jobs and a focused life direction. In less than 40 days you can transform your life and the attention you attract at your current job (even if you hate your job)!

Here’s how you can get started:

“Today I am living my passion”

“I too have experienced the pain of not knowing what my talents are or being able to figure out my interests or life calling. I have worked jobs I hated! I also figured out how to turn my attitude around and go on to achieve career success and a love for what I do.

It turns out, all that pain and confusion happened for a reason! Today I am living my passion — helping people know their life calling and feel destined for success.”

— Gina S. Calvano

Ready for Success Programs:

The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™

  • It’s EASY: Guided coaching and training conveniently conducted by phone
  • It’s FUN: Identify your skills, talents and interests using step-by-step exercises
  • It’s FAST: Only 6 weeks to find clarity, confidence and conviction!

The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™ is a 6-week structured coaching program consisting of two phone or video-conference sessions each week:

  1. one training session facilitated by Gina
  2. one private coaching session conducted by Gina based on homework assigned during the training session

The focus each week is on one key success factor:

  • Week 1: Mindset Clarity
    Learn how to shift your attitude and let go of derailing thoughts.
  • Week 2: Personality Preferences
    Discover why you do what you do and how your natural inclinations match with majors and/or occupations.
  • Week 3: Interests Inventory
    Match what you like and don’t like to do with leisure and occupation options.
  • Week 4: Personal Branding
    Craft memorable language to easily explain what you bring to every job, all the time, no matter what the role is. Identify and learn to communicate with your ideal customer. Plus, craft interview questions that can help you secure all the information you need to make an informed job move and so much more!
  • Week 5: Skills Inventory
    Learn to track your life and work experiences, identify skills you need to acquire, and determine which proficiencies can be developed from each of your occupational options.
  • Week 6: Action Planning
    Develop practical next steps in four specific areas of your life: career, leisure, education, plus one other area uncovered through Bootcamp activities.

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Identify your skills, talents, interests and your calling!
  • Match your skills, talents, interests and calling to jobs, industries and leisure activities
  • Find confidence to pursue your unique action plan for success
  • Know how to enlist support from others for your plans
  • Win over employers — even when other candidates are more experienced than you

Could The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™ be right for you?

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The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™  for Experienced Professionals

The discover your life calling Bootcamp™  for Students and Recent Graduates

Set for Success Programs:

The Bootcamp Alumni Program™

This program is specifically designed for graduates of The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™. It offers ongoing support enabling graduates sustained mastery in applying the indigoforce principles for success:

  • group training call (1x per month)
  • private coaching call (1x per month)

The Bootcamp Alumni Program™ is available in 3-month, 6-month and 9-month packages.

Personalized Coaching

Even if you haven’t participated in The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™, you can get support to move forward toward career happiness and success!

  • Interviewing and offer negotiation:
    Going for a stretch job? Want to increase your pay? Let me help you prepare for your interview or offer negotiation.
  • Job performance:
    Feeling burnt out or unproductive? Is the threat of performance counseling looming over your head? Don’t wait for the axe to fall — let me help you pick yourself up and dust yourself off.
  • Hobbies, leisure pursuits, extra curricular activities:
    Find activities you can enjoy and that build confidence – critical for teens, adults and retirees who want to find and sustain happiness and success.
  • Navigating the workplace:
    Does your current job situation have you down? Unhappy with the way you’re being treated by your boss or company? I have over 20 years of experience counseling executives and employees on how to neutralize workplace tension. No situation is too complex. I’ve heard it all!
  • Ideal client identification:
    Having difficulty identifying your ideal client? Learn who they are, where find them and how to attract them. Ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone struggling to choose between several occupational choices.
  • Financial consciousness:
    Want to earn more money but unsure how? Learn how to attract all your worth. Afraid of a drop in income if you switch careers? Learn how to manage your thinking and stress during times of reduced income.
  • Speaking and presentation readiness:
    Invited to speak to a group? Struggling to identify a topic? Need a crash course in nailing the presentation? Let me help you gain clarity about your best opportunities to win your audience over.

Go for Success Programs:

Powerful Connections Made Easy

Do you hate networking but know you need to build connections with other professionals in your newly chosen career? Or maybe you just hate talking to people you don’t know but know you have to do it — where else are great job referrals going to come from? I used to hate networking too — but I learned how to do it and I actually learned to love it!

I partnered with international business coach Aprille Trupiano to develop a program that can help you get comfortable connecting with others — and actually learn to love it and be great at it.

Our strategy is especially great for introverts! Build and establish a network you can trust to help you manifest your ambitions — we promise not to turn you into an extravert!

Alumni Coaching and Consulting Services:

Alumni of The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™ can get the tools they need to secure the jobs they want. Tap into professional resources that can help you manifest your action plan.

  • Professional Referrals:
    Employment agencies, schools, networks, affiliations, training programs, and bio writers are just a few of the resources we have available.
  • Resume and cover letter. consulting and referrals:
    Is your current resume or cover letter designed to just get you another job like the ones you already have experience doing — get the tools that can get you the job you want!
  • Letters of introduction:
    Present a letter to potential employers or schools about the work you did with indigoforce attesting to your natural abilities and preferences — it’s like a performance appraisal prediction — your peers don’t have this but a potential employer or school would love to have it.

On-Boarding for Success

Start your new job with a bang! Learn to navigate your first 30-60-90 days on the job with confidence.

Speaking Engagements

Gina is available to speak to professional adults, parents, students and teens on a variety of topics related to self-discovery, majors, jobs, careers and leisure activity choices.

Sample topics include:

  • Developing a leadership mindset
  • Nurturing a connection to a calling in your children or teens
  • Tapping into what makes you unique