Helping individuals to transform their careers and organizations to enable a whole new level of employee engagement and well-being.

I’m Gina Calvano, founder of indigoforce and a former head of HR turned career transformation consultant. I am dedicated to empowering people of all backgrounds, ranging from C-suite executives to mid-level managers to new professionals entering (or re-entering) the workforce to get on the path of purpose, overcome burnout, and discover or reignite their ability to do powerful work they love – even at the job they may hate. In fact, being in a less than ideal job situation is a perfect place to start!

Today you might be feeling so exhausted, fed up, and powerless that joining the great resignation, quiet quitting, returning to school for an unnecessary degree, or hastily changing careers seem like better options. If you relate, you are not alone. Did you know that more than 70% of the workforce does not feel engaged at their job? Actually, this number has not maintained improvement for over 20 years. 

Are you on a path to burnout? Do you feel depleted on a soul-level?

The good news is there is an alternative to this way of existing. I created a proven framework that has helped hundreds of clients transform their careers and it’s the basis of my best-selling book, From Burnout to Purpose.

I can show you how to pivot off the path to burnout and onto the path of purpose. On this path you will: 

  1. Learn a simple 4 step process to get aligned with soul-fulfilling practices that build your capacity for energy – not just your capacity for effort,
  2. Discover or reignite a love for your true work – which is what you ultimately want to enable for others and have an unending supply of to offer to others, 
  3. Master your ability to recognize opportunities that are aligned with your talents, values, personality, strengths, preferences, and skills – happiness is possible!

You can reclaim your power, find happiness, and connect to a sense of purpose!

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