Don’t just make another job change, make an informed, strategic move that supports your identified career and life goals.

Gina Calvano, Founder indigoforce

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I created indigoforce in 2008 after more than 20 years as a dedicated human resource professional in the corporate world. Throughout my career I have enabled small and large businesses to balance their business goals with the personal and professional goals and challenges of their employees.

I have counseled employees at all levels of an organization, from interns to CEOs, that they are essential and critical to the overall success of a business and that business endeavors are most successful when people treat each other authentically and respectfully. This is the philosophy I also apply to my work with indigoforce clients. As a certified career coach and a success strategist I am fortunate to help clients find the clarity, confidence, and conviction to pursue their career and life goals.

What sets me apart from other coaches is that I combine conventional personality assessments (i.e. Myers-Briggs) with transformational thinking concepts.

This winning combination has helped my clients determine their best career options and their unique path to success in a fun and easy way.

In addition to coaching clients, I frequently write about topics related to career selection, career development, transformational thinking, change management, self-awareness, and many other topics that encourage people to get (and stay) unstuck in their careers and lives. Read my blog to find out what’s on my mind.

More about me…

  • Career Coach: discover your talents and match them to career options
  • Success Strategist: navigate your current work situation with less stress while you decide on your future
  • HR Professional: find out what motivates employers to hire, reward and retain their most valued employees
  • Transformational Thinking Expert: overcome thinking that sabotages your success
  • Author: follow timeless strategies that easily enable you to maintain your newly found clarity, confidence, and conviction to pursue work you love

Connect with me further…


  • 20+ years of business experience
  • Certified Coach (CCP, CGC)
  • Published, best-selling author
  • Professional blogger and featured career expert
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) certified
  • Strong Interest Inventory certified
  • Seton Hall University graduate — business major
  • Professional in HR (SPHR)
  • NCDA and SHRM member


My mission is to guide students (16+) and adults to discover their unique talents and abilities and match them with majors, jobs, industries and leisure pursuits that can easily enable them to manifest happiness and success.


The indigoforce vision is to create a new paradigm for the workforce…

…confident employees who are clear about their purpose and possess the conviction to pursue their calling. They happily share their knowledge, skills and abilities with others. These workers understand that serving from this place enriches the lives of others and theirs in return. They love their jobs and are free from the fear of job changes because they know how to match themselves and their passions to choices that can bring happiness and success — to themselves, and to those they serve.

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