Don’t quiet quit, get another degree, or just make a hasty job change. Make a move that enables you to get your happy back and do the powerful work you were meant to do.

I’m Gina Calvano, Founder of indigoforce

I am here to help you:
  • recover from and/or prevent burnout
  • gain (and sustain) clarity, confidence, and conviction for your work
  • become a master at recognizing opportunities that are a perfect match with your talents, values, personality, strengths, preferences, and skills
  • feel ready to move forward along the path of purpose and enjoy sustainable fulfillment that destines you for success

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More about me…

  • Career Coach: discover your talents and match them to career options
  • Success Strategist: navigate your current work situation with less stress while you decide on your future
  • HR Professional: find out what motivates employers to hire, reward, and retain their most valued employees
  • HR Consultant: enable employees to recover from burnout, turn around their reputation and performance, and release powerful work they love – improve job performance, morale, and work relationships
  • Human Potential and Transformational Thinking Expert: overcome thinking and change behaviors that keep you burned out, stuck, confused, and sabotage your success
  • Author: I frequently write about topics related to career selection, career development, transformational thinking, self/soul-care, and many other topics that encourage people to get (and stay) unstuck in their careers and lives

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  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) for nearly 25 years
  • Over 20 years of experience as an HR executive managing and leading corporate teams for companies like Prudential Financial, Alliance Capital Management (now AllianceBernstein), and Crum & Forster
  • Certified coach (CCC, CGC) with over ten years of experience successfully supporting clients of all backgrounds, ranging from C-suite executives to mid-career managers to employees at all levels, plus young adults new to the workforce as well as parents or retirees who wish to re-enter the workforce in a more meaningful way
  • Certified practitioner in MBTI® and the Strong Interest Inventory®
  • Mentored by top human potential and transformational thinkers
  • Creator of the Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp and The OPEN Method™
  • Contributing author to the best-seller – Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life
  • Best-selling and Global Book Awards Gold Medalist author – From Burnout to Purpose: Simple Strategies for a Soul-Fulfilling Approach to Work
  • Professional blogger and featured career expert
  • Seton Hall University graduate — business major
  • Currently working on a new book – From Purpose to Calling: Releasing Powerful Work You Love-Despite the Job You Hate

My Vision is …

… to enable a conscious approach to work in the job you have right now so that you can enable clarity for your life and work, sustain confidence, and make the difference you were born to make in this world! 

My Mission is …

… to offer tools, coaching, and strategies to help corporate professionals at all levels who feel drained to:

  • discover a sense of purpose and offer what they can be counted on for no matter what; 
  • develop the ability to recognize and participate fully in opportunities that are perfectly served by their talents, values, personality, strengths, preferences, and skills; 
  • and to build their capacity to practice sustainable fulfillment and responsibly receive material rewards.

My Signature Strengths are:

1. Understanding what matters most to different people and developing win/win options for resolving conflict or facing challenges. That enables others to feel confident in the path they are choosing so that they can participate fully in their experiences, feel successful no matter the outcomes, and enable cooperative support from others.

2. Being analytical. It’s typical for me to see patterns or opportunities others do not see. That enables those I serve to feel open to new possibilities and transform fearful energy into conviction for pursuing what matters most.

3. Being a good listener. It’s typical for me to listen for what others are not saying, openly share my observations, and invite the conversation to go to a deeper level. That enables others to feel understood, get to the root of what’s really holding them back, and discover how to move forward in a way that feels comfortable for them.


My Values are …

  • Working with people who are interested in making a meaningful difference in the world.
  • Sustainable sources of fulfillment.
  • Being mentored by renowned human potential experts.
  • Exploring possibilities.
  • Having fun and laughing – making what might seem hard to do easy and enjoyable.

I’m Passionate about …

  • Guiding others to discover their true work and the possibilities they enable.
  • Inspiring others to heal from chronic stress, overwhelm, or burnout and connect to a sense of purpose.
  • Learning and applying human potential and transformational thinking content.
  • Generous listening that enables people to feel safe, heard, and supported to achieve what matters most to them.  
  • Meaningful discussions that enable the evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

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