The Story Behind the indigoforce Logo

Learn how our logo came to be and understand why it is a perfect representation of our mission and vision…

“I’m often asked about how the logo for indigoforce came about and what indigoforce means…

The fleur-de-lys — Represents the theme of getting underneath who we are and what matters to us to achieve clarity and growth.

The colors — Perfect symbols of our coaching philosophy:

  • Indigo — The color representing higher self-knowing
  • Grey — Reminding us that everything is subjective
  • add a touch of Black — There will always be some seemingly “dark” circumstances in our lives (Thank goodness! How else would we have opportunities to grow ;-)
  • all against a background of White — Endless possibilities

The rough, colored-in look of the fleur-de-lys — Representing the idea that 100% fulfillment is a myth AND it isn’t necessary – confidence with our choices is what brings happiness and success. Life never looks nor feels perfect — yet we are complete with our imperfections.

The lower case typography — Conveying that no one individual or job is more important than the other. Everyone and their full contribution is significant in the world.”