Discretion is integral to the work we do with our clients. All testimonials are published with the consent of our clients. Due to the very personal and candid nature of each testimonial, we’ve taken the extra step of protecting the privacy of our clients by disclosing only their initials.

Learn how indigoforce has helped so many people gain clarity, confidence and conviction.

“I am happily employed in a job I feel so smart in”

“I struggled with confidence. I woke up every morning to go to a job I didn’t feel useful at. I was struggling to find where I was going to fit in. It felt like the only thing I was clear about was that my college major didn’t seem to be taking me to a satisfying career path.

It was hard to talk to my friends and parents — I knew their love for me was driving their suggestions and clouding my ability to discover my personal truth. I didn’t want to keep arguing with them about my inability to find a job with good pay when I was struggling to make what felt like major life decisions. I vacillated between moments of feeling like I had a million things I wanted to do with my life and moments of not knowing what to do. I knew I needed a more structured approach — one that wouldn’t chip away at my confidence even further.

In The Bootcamp™ I separated my ideas of fantasy from my values — I found who I was, where I was going to shine and what I had to offer to others. I found more than just a career and leisure activities that felt right for me — I found me (not what others thought about me)!

My attitude towards a job I hated changed, who I hung out with changed, how I spend my free time changed, how I felt about myself changed — and eventually my work changed. I found a way to tell others what was great about me. I figured out jobs and leisure activities that could be right for me. I didn’t use to think I was capable enough for some of the professions I explored — now I am happily employed in a job I feel so smart in. I come home with a smile on my face, I’m sleeping well again and I feel unburdened from work-related drama that I would drag into my relationships.

I know I will change jobs in my life from time to time, but I will always remember what I learned about who I am and what I can give to others. I’m so ready for success!”

A. M. | Graphic Designer and Nanny turned Healthcare professional

“I not only discovered careers that would be a great match for my talents and interests, I discovered who I am — I discovered my purpose!”

“I knew I was burnt out and that I needed help to figure out what my next step would be. I was in a job that was unfulfilling and in an environment that I could see was toxic for me. It was changing who I was as a person and the people I loved were bearing the brunt of my feelings of emptiness, sadness, and misery. Through my work in The Bootcamp™, I not only discovered careers that would be a great match for my talents and interests, I discovered who I am — I discovered my purpose! I was able to set goals that made sense for my self, my career and my life. As a result, I surrounded myself with people who supported my goals — people I loved being with. I saw the world in a different light and as a result, I carried out my life differently.

I loved working with Gina. She helped me stay calm navigating through my current job situation while I went through the Bootcamp process. There are memorable things she taught me for dealing with career crisis — things that are still in the back of my head today! In a nutshell, she was a source of sanity for me and she coached me to think in ways I never did before.

During my work in the Bootcamp I could see that I was so set in my ways; by the end of the program, I felt so equipped to come out of my comfort zone. If there is one thing you can do for yourself, do this program! You will discover so much more about yourself (good stuff that can make a difference for others), and you will know the direction your life is going!”

J. O. | Media Director in New York City

“I became confident about what I wanted and how I could go after it!”

“I was in a rut and felt torn up about what I wanted to do and how I could get past my fears about making changes in my career. I knew I had a lot of options, sound advice from others and access to information yet I was confused as to why my initial career choice wasn’t making me happy and why I couldn’t figure out what career would.

The Bootcamp™ seemed like a great opportunity to help me sort through my confusion. I immediately liked Gina from our first conversation. I felt her willingness to help me and I didn’t feel pressured by her in any way. The program gave me a routine with accountability to follow through with the program and that kept me motivated. Gina recapped and confirmed all our consultations — she was flexible and access to her was easy. It felt great to take time each week for myself (without feeling guilty) — time to discover what I wanted. Ultimately, I became confident about what I wanted and how I could go after it!”

S. V. | Teacher turned aspiring Speech Pathologist

“In less than 3 months I was clear about my aspirations and confident with a positive outlook on life…”

“Before I took The Bootcamp™, I felt like there was something wrong with me, my job and my life. I was scared for my future — afraid that I would be miserable for the rest of my life. Because I didn’t like my job, I didn’t care about it and I made mistakes at work. That discouraged me and depleted my confidence even further. I knew I needed help out of my struggle and that I needed a solution.

With The Bootcamp™, I found confidence I didn’t know was possible. I learned that I can’t be successful without confidence and I was inspired to settle for nothing less than what I wanted. I set expectations and was motivated to pursue them. In less than 3 months I was clear about my aspirations, confident with a positive outlook on life, aware of how I was spending my time, and I was noticing opportunities to have the career and life I wanted.

The time, effort and money I invested into The Bootcamp™ were well worth it. I found my true self and I learned how to find jobs that would be a great match for me at my best!”

J.K. | Marketing professional turned Event Planner

“I finally feel confident and in control of my happiness and success.”

“I was feeling stuck in my career… I felt afraid that a ‘wrong’ career decision would be a mistake I would not be able to recover from. The clarity I received in The Bootcamp™ far exceeded the investment of my time and money. I received new perspectives and ideas that motivated me to remove blocks in my thinking that kept me from the level of success I wanted in my career. I felt validated in my ability to recognize opportunities that could expand my career happiness and success. I saw how my earlier career choices could benefit my current and future career decisions.

Gina Calvano’s coaching style was inspiring and upbeat. She kept me focused, motivated and energized through the program. I was inspired to continue on my path of self-mastery after the Bootcamp ended.

After the program ended, I secured new clients I enjoy working with. And, opportunities for speaking with national exposure have been showing up. I finally feel confident and in control of my happiness and success.”

F.G. | Financial Advisor

“Within 6 months, I calmly and successfully transitioned into my new career.”

“After achieving a successful career as a Chief Marketing Officer, I wanted to explore new career options that would expand my sense of passion for my work. Through my work with indigoforce, I was able to become more confident in my ability to recognize opportunities that could be a better complement for my values, talents and acquired skills.

Gina Calvano’s approach helped me understand how to make informed choices for what I wanted to achieve within my career. I was motivated and supported to shift my thinking and reactions to tough circumstances. I became more focused on finding opportunities to make contributions that showcased my natural talents and skills.

As a result, I was able to stay focused on and committed to my choices — I felt set up for success. Within 6 months, I calmly and successfully transitioned into my new career. I was acknowledged by the CEO and my peers for my contributions and achievements. Simply put, I learned to create winning situations despite bleak circumstances and limited experience in my new industry and occupation.”

M.B. | CMO turned GM Concierge Services

“I am more confident and motivated than ever before (vs. uncertain and fearful) about the changes I am making in my career!”

“Through my work in The Bootcamp™, I discovered opportunities to bring more of my natural talents and abilities to clients I would truly enjoy working with. As a result, I split from the business model I was working under realizing it wasn’t a good match for my talents and preferred working style.

I knew my ideal occupation and industry before I worked with indigoforce. However, I found and eliminated blocks that kept me from realizing an expanded sense of happiness and success. Gina helped me get vividly clear about my ideal client, my best skills and how they could be offered in service to others. Gina is a great active listener. Her non-judgmental way made me feel comfortable opening up — I felt she really got ME! I realized solutions and got unstuck with my career issues (those I knew I had and even those I didn’t realize I had!)

I am confident that the changes I am making in my business will enable me to share who I am and what I know with others in a way that makes me happy. I feel I have avoided the “trial and error” approach, which often seems like the only way to learn our best career options. I know I will be working with clients whose personality and life circumstances are a good match for my skills and preferences for delivering service. I easily recognize opportunities that will bring me a personal sense of fulfillment while I serve others in all areas of my life. I am more confident and motivated than ever before (vs. uncertain and fearful) about the changes I am making in my career!”

D.T. | Financial Advisor

“…Support to pursue a career that has proved to be both professionally and personally rewarding”

“Circumstances had me poised at a mid-life career crossroads. I had successfully practiced law in private firms or worked for corporate America for more than 25 years, yet frequently questioned whether I was truly pursing my life’s purpose. I felt deeply that I wanted something more from my professional life, yet lacked the ability or personal insight to uncover my passion.

I knew Gina Calvano from our days working together at a New Jersey-based company. I was intrigued by her creative approach to working with individuals in situations similar to mine, but remained a bit skeptical that her approach could uncover what so many well-meaning friends and self-help books could not.

What I can say is that indigoforce’s approach and conclusions resulted in a personal “ah ha” moment for me. I felt they really uncovered my strengths and passion and gave me the “scientific” support to pursue a career that has proved to be both professionally and personally rewarding.

I have two college-aged sons whom I plan to have participate in the indigoforce program. My hope is they find their respective passions while in their 20s, rather than waiting until their 50s!”

F.G. | Attorney turned Financial Planner & Wealth Advisor

“I gained more confidence and focus on seeing what I have to offer.”

“I felt stagnant in my current position and wanted to do something to break loose from the holding-pattern I was in, but I knew I needed direction, focus and self-exploration. I engaged with indigoforce because I felt their approach would not be ‘cookie-cutter’. They delivered by providing a very personalized picture of who I was and what I needed to do to be more successful.

My work with indigoforce immediately changed the way I communicate with others. I gained more confidence and focus on seeing what I have to offer. I understood my best career options which made me feel free — I was no longer confined or limited by my past or current jobs — I could see how my skills could transfer to other careers and I saw how to sell myself to prospective employers even without direct experience in any of the job options suggested by indigoforce.

I ultimately decided to stay in my current profession but to make an employer change that could further expand upon and value my newly committed dedication to my profession. I took steps to secure the development and affiliations I needed to make my dedication ‘official’.

The distinction between career options and field/industry options and the action plan provided by indigoforce was really helpful in what to do, where to do it and how to do it. I now know myself better (and know how to express who I am and what I bring to the table better), and I see the opportunities in front of me that can bring me closer to my professional goals.”

B. L. | Fraud Manager

“I moved forward with a career direction that values my skills, interests and abilities and enables me to create the life I want”

“I had an idea for a business based on nearly 20 years of personal experience and success but I wasn’t confident that anyone would pay me to do similar work for them without coming out of a top school or program that certified my expertise and skills.

The work I did with indigoforce boosted my confidence and also gave me the clarity and conviction I needed to move forward with my business idea. My self-confidence blossomed especially with the process they used to validate my talents and skills. I was surprised and impressed especially by the level of detail obtained from the astrology about the benefits and potential pitfalls of my strengths and how to apply them in my chosen profession. Astrology isn’t something I ever used in the past nor did I know that much about it but I was surprised at how credible the content was especially since I did not know Gina Calvano from indigoforce.

Overall, the work I did with indigoforce really helped me hone in on my strengths and understand how they could be applied to my business idea and to several other potential professions. They put the words I needed around what I was thinking and I can apply their language to my business materials — a true bonus! An extra bonus was that Gina was so organized in her approach that I started to learn what to do for my business and clients! Her process, tools, and audio recordings of our consultations eliminated the need for taking tons of notes. That enabled me to comfortably digest the information and have it organized in useful tools.

Whether you have an idea of what you want to do — or no idea at all — I believe the process created by indigoforce can help you get the clarity, confidence and conviction you need to understand yourself and move forward with a career direction that values your skills, interests and abilities and enables you to create the life you want.”

F.A. | The Queen of Home Cuisine

“I’m super excited to feel like I finally understand who my ideal customer is!”

indigoforce helped me to see who my ideal clients are and how to market to them. As a result, I have been able to redo my sales page and incorporate keywords that will attract my ideal customers for my website. Gina was super helpful and did some word smithing to my sales letter as well.

Gina is full of energy and info. My work with her was like sipping a big drink of ROCK STAR. I’ve been running with the info she shared with me ever since! I’m super excited to feel like I finally understand who my ideal customer is!!!”

A. Z. | Floral and Event Designer

“The process I went through with indigoforce validated and expanded upon my creative ideas…”

“I needed ideas for a presentation topic for a design conference I was speaking at. I had some ideas but no framework for my discussion. The process I went through with indigoforce validated and expanded upon my creative ideas and gave me insight into what will be important from the audience’s perspective. I gained context for conveying my ideas and action items about how to provide the audience with a creative developmental experience. I wouldn’t have come to that degree of clarity or insight on my own or worked out my ideas as quickly without indigoforce’s help.

indigoforce gave me the keywords and tools that add to the quality of my presentation and helped me deliver a presentation I felt confident and excited to present. I was able to spend my time developing my presentation vs. stressing out over what I should speak about and wondering whether the message would resonate with the audience.”

B.C. | Creative Director