How you do this is how you are living your life and approaching your work

Here is something you do all day, but if done differently for a few minutes once a week, it can help you get insight into a new level of fulfillment from your life – and your work!


One of the sessions I did on my Sedona Soul Adventure was Breathwork with Penny Elias. 


This was the first time I had ever even heard of Breathwork.


According to the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (yes – there is an organization for everything!), “Breathwork is the art and science of teaching breath awareness and breathing techniques for enhancing the human, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition.”


Through Breathwork I got in touch with something about myself that was limiting my ability to tap into a new level of fulfillment through my work and my life without having to change anything about my work or life.


What all of that means is that you can promote healing within yourself (for mental/emotional, physical or spiritual issues), by doing an exercise where you focus on your breathing.  You might wonder isn’t that meditation?  Maybe, but I think it’s a bit more than that.  It’s almost like giving yourself a physic reading of your own well-being and how you are approaching life by noticing your naturally breathing pattern which you do by momentarily changing your natural pattern into one that is patterned in a different way.  That different way makes you not help being able to notice how you breath “normally”.  It was clear from my experience that we can all take coaching from our own breath – Penny taught me that the way we breath is the way we are living our life and that includes how we are approaching our work too.


Do you …

  • feel short of breath,
  • struggle with shallow breath,
  • or feel out of breath altogether?

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Ever wonder if people at work think you’re a jerk? Are you dealing with a bunch of jerks at work? Here’s a simple tool to help you stop all this jerkiness!

In my last blog, I wrote:


“The truth is we all play ‘parts’ in our job and sometimes our interpretation of that role – with all the challenges we see ourselves to be up against – sometimes causes us to act in a way that blurs the line for people about who we really are.”


This was a really nice way of saying that sometimes we allow the challenges we face at work to justify us acting like a jerk – but we still want (or expect- oy!) others to see and relate to us “as we really are”.  “As we really are” means 2 things:


  1. as our “good” traits
  2. as our “good” intentions


Of course, most people will pardon isolated incidents of our “bad” behavior – especially if they know and like us.  But if we do this too often, they will start to believe – and then of course – treat us – as we are behaving – like a 1st class jerk.


So how do you avoid blurring this line for people? 

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Is your boss dragging you down? Learn what your favorite movie can teach you about thriving despite your boss’s behavior

The Society for HR Management recently released their annual Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report for 2015.  In that report they reveal the top factors that contribute to employee job satisfaction.  The top 2 contributors had to do with relationships at work:


  1. Respectful treatment of all employees at all levels
  2. Trust between employees and senior management


Following this theme around relationships with people…


Relationship with immediate supervisor ranked #6, Immediate supervisors respect for my ideas ranked #7, Communication between employees and senior management ranked #8, and Relationships with co-workers ranked #15.


The work itself ranked #11, Meaningfulness of the job ranked #14, and Variety of work ranked #21.


Relationships at work rule!!  More than anything else at your job – because how you feel about the people you work with/for has more to do with your ability to feel happy and fulfilled at your job than any tasks you are accountable to perform.


So, is your boss dragging you down?  Learn what your favorite movie can teach you about thriving despite your boss’s behavior…

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The real reason you constantly struggle to find work/life balance

When I was working as an HR professional I never felt a sense of work/life balance – at least not to the degree I wanted it in my life (mind you – I was also the one writing/creating/producing many of these policies and programs).  That was one of the reasons I decided not to return to a corporate role after the birth of my second child.  I wanted a career shift that would allow my children a different level of accessibility to me.  One I believed a corporation would never fully embrace.


Once I decided career coaching was a great match for me and I opened my own coaching practice, I had an unbelievable degree of flexibility in how and when I did my work.  Yet, I mysteriously still struggled to achieve the sense of balance I craved.  As they say, everywhere you go – there you are.


So here’s the real reason you constantly struggle to find work/life balance – it’s the same reason I struggled to find it…

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