Want sustained productivity and a good mood throughout your workday? Do this…

So often in my practice I uncover with my clients that there is some “other element” of their life that is holding them back from realizing true job satisfaction – this element remains an obstacle for them even after they discover their talents, interests, values and match that to an ideal job and industry.  Often this “other element” is predictable – it is usually:

  • their relationship with money
  • their self-esteem and confidence regarding some physical aspect not easily changed (their voice, signs of aging, disabilities, etc.)
  • their personal style – or lack of it – such as their wardrobe, hair, etc.
  • their relationships with significant people in their life (their partners, parents, friends, kids, etc.)
  • their unfulfilled thirst for personal or skill development
  • a lack of fun and leisure
  • their comfort level with technology

and the number 1 reason…

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Exhausted? Tired of the daily grind? Find out the #1 thing successful people do to be their best

Do you feel exhausted every day?  Overwhelmed and tired because it feels like there’s way too much to deal with in your life? 


There is an unspoken secret used by all successful people to deal with the craziness of their lives and create balance, and this great new book will show you how you can use it to get into the flow of your own life.


Discover the Pathway to Flow – Your Copy is Waiting!



Written by the NY Times bestselling authors of The Passion Test, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, this book has been praised by people like Paulo Coelho, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Miguel Ruiz and many others (see below for what they said about it).

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When personal development isn’t enough . . .

I’d like to give you a complimentary copy of a new book by my mentors – NY Times bestselling authors, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, called, “Your Hidden Riches,”

Your-Hidden-Riches-book image

but first let me ask you a few questions. . .

Do you ever feel like’s something’s missing? Maybe you ask yourself questions like:

Why do I feel so overwhelmed?

Why aren’t I happier and more fulfilled?

Why do I procrastinate and never seem to move forward?

What am I doing wrong?

If so, this new book is for people like you who recognize that personal development training just isn’t enough. You’ve realized that you need to go to a deeper level to discover your calling and live life with meaning. If you’re at that point, then please accept this gift.

Discover the Unique Design of Your Life:

Get Your Free Copy Now

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10 No Cost Ways to Present Yourself at Your Best – #2 & #1

So I hope you have gotten some easy ideas this past month for presenting yourself at your best.  Even better, I hope you realize how easy it can be to treat yourself well and to reinforce to yourself, others and the Universe, that you deserve to let others see you at your best and to be treated well – especially by yourself.

You simply don’t need ANY money to begin this process.  Starting out with the “little” things (“little” things that really are “big” things), changes your energy vibration and it enables you to attract a different level of attention to yourself.  Attention that says “Wow – look at you!”  vs. “Ugh, look at you”.  Sloppy appearance is a way to keep attention off of ourselves – it allows us to divert attention onto things that don’t work to enhance who we are or allow others to see us without distraction.  That behavior does not enable powerful connections between us and others.

Powerful connections are initiated by attracting harmonious attention to yourself and then exchanging positive regard with another.  Once this is achieved, you will attract more harmonious attention and more positive regard into your career and life.  Can you smell that?  Yes, it is a whiff of The Law of Attraction.

This week I offer to you 2 final no cost tips that can set the ball rolling of attracting harmonious attention and positive regard into your life.

#2.  Wear clothes that are clean and in good condition

“Hole”-y Cow! Stains, holes, worn-out material that has lost it’s shape – get rid of it.  Yes – throw it away.  This stuff is not fit for you or for charity.  “Why not give it to charity” you may be wondering?  Because we don’t rehabilitate someone (restore them to balance and feeling good about themselves), by dressing them in dirty, old worn-out clothes.

Ask yourself this question…

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10 No Cost Ways to Present Yourself at Your Best – #4 & #3

So here we are in week 4 of a 5 week series dedicated to no cost things you can do to treat yourself well and demonstrate that you value yourself.  Can you hear the drum roll as we get closer we get to #1?

I hope you get that treating yourself well doesn’t have to mean having money.  Custom suits are nice, but nothing replaces a general regard for yourself and how you allow yourself to be presented to others – especially those you are servicing or helping – which is what your job ultimately enables you to do!  When you are helping others – offer them the best you have to offer – this includes the best YOU you can offer.

Here are 2 additional tips for you.

#4.  Take on a “signature something”

You are no doubt wondering what the heck is a “signature something”?  It is something that makes you  memorable – something that definitely tells others something about you.  Maybe it is a piece of jewelry, a certain color you wear often, or a just anything that makes you MEMORABLE.  Let me give you an example.

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10 No Cost Ways to Present Yourself at Your Best – #6 & #5

So here we are in week 3 of a 5 week series dedicated to no cost things you can do to treat yourself well and demonstrate that you value yourself.  After all, if you don’t treat yourself well – who else should?

This week, I have 2 additional tips (and stories of course!) for you.

#6. Keep your shoes clean and in good repair.

So I am not a person that is easily shocked (especially in work situations).  But I must say, a work situation that deeply shocked me involved shoes – let me explain…

I had an opportunity to sit in on a meeting with a CEO of a very large firm – let’s say it was a “him” and that his name was John Smith (I assure you this story is true but I am just changing the person’s identity to protect and forgive them for an obvious moment of temporary insanity).  Anyway, I was thrilled to get into this meeting.  It was a chance for a large group that I supported to get some recognition for some amazing breakthrough goals and financial results they achieved in a short period of time.  The group got the attention of this CEO who wanted to know how they did it.

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10 No Cost Ways to Present Yourself at Your Best – #8 & #7

So how did it go last week?  Did you get rid of junk jewelry?  Did you pack away your holiday clothing and decide to save your favorite pajama pants for bedtime?  I hope so.

Working as an HR executive and Career Coach for over 20 years has been like getting paid to “people watch” at a shopping mall.  You can’t make this stuff up!  This series is dedicated to the little things that I have noticed people can do to treat themselves better and demonstrate that you value yourself and that you deserve to be treated well.  If you don’t feel that way about yourself – who else should?

This week, I have 2 additional tips for you.

#8.  Keep your hands clean, neat, and smooth.

Nothing is more unsightly than hands that are dirty or unkept in any way.  Think about it – you offer your hands to others when you greet them or help them – why would you offer them dirty or uncared for hands?  We can’t control all of the germs on our hands, but we can at least look like we care about how we literally and figuratively “touch” people.

I have a couple of things to say about hands:

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10 No Cost Ways to Present Yourself at Your Best – #10 & #9

As I mentioned in one of my last blog posts, I have been doing a lot of networking in the past few months.  I always feel that my personal experiences make for the best inspiration for content – if I am noticing it – there is a reason.  And if I am pained by my observation, then there is a purpose lurking somewhere in my pain – it is just a matter of time before the purpose clicks for me.  Lately, I have had a lot of clicking going on.

I have decided to share a series with you about my observations that can provide some no cost ideas on how to present yourself at your best.  Treating yourself well matters because it is a path for allowing good things to come your way.  We attract what we put out into the Universe.  If we are not treating ourselves well then we are going to find hard times trying to get others to regard us or treat us well in return.  Minor changes can go a long way – so it’s in that spirit that I share my observations and ideas with you.

Mind you, I am not a personal stylist nor am I particularly into fashion and the latest trends.  But I know bad or inappropriate treatment when I see it and often we are our own worst offenders.  More importantly, I know what I think when I see it (I am human – I can’t help it – I make decisions about people when I see the way they look and I know I am not alone in this).  Of course, I consciously weigh it in with a lot of other variables like how they treat others, how they present themselves, their ideas/energy/chutzpah, etc.  But I cannot ignore it because I know it means something about how they value themselves – and how people value themselves matters greatly to me.

So I offer to you 10 no cost ways to present yourself at your best.  Every week – I will write about two things – counting down to the most important thing you can do to present your best self.  I hope they inspire you to treat yourself better and in return boost your confidence by demonstrating to the Universe that you take pride in your appearance and that you deserve to be treated well.

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