This one small gesture can buy you a lifetime of networking power….

I am writing this post to share with you the brilliance I witnessed from a young 20-something year old.  This is the story of a young woman who made the decision to move from a temp job to her first full-time gig out of college.  A no-brainer right?!  Of course she should leave the freelance job with no benefits for something full-time with benefits – what boss wouldn’t understand that?


Only she didn’t just make a leap to a more stable job – she stabilized her candidacy for future jobs with this one small gesture.


This one small gesture can buy you a lifetime of networking power – and the work is all done for you too!  Consider it an early holiday present from me (and the girl who actually did the work for us)!


In short – she wrote a note – literally WROTE a note – on an actual card from a fancy card/stationary store.  It was probably the best $5+ bucks she spent all year – and I bet she knows it!! Here is what she wrote (Note:  I changed the names to protect the brilliant but I didn’t change any of her words – they are sheer brilliance)...

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Feeling forced to work with (or for) someone you don’t like?  Take your power back by shifting this one thing….

I just got back from a professional conference – it was informative, enlightening, inspiring – everything you want from a conference – but what happened at a panel discussion session was shocking to me….


One of the panel experts was talking about how to serve difficult clients – specifically how to get them to be more cordial and respectful even though their usual demeanor is demanding, abrasive, directive, intimidating, and wrapped in a I-know-more-about-your-job-than-you-do, scowl-faced package.  Ever had that experience?  Of course you have.


He explained that although he was “directed” by his client to not show some work he had done to the President of their company, he believed a lot of that work offered a solution to the organization’s challenges.  So he decided he would show it (plus the work the client wanted showed), anyway.  Yikes!  (I was loving this story…)


Knowing he was going against the client’s expectations – and that it would (no doubt) not go over well with her – he decided he needed to shift the energy between them….


…but how?


It immediately came to him to find something he appreciated or respected in her – and tell her.  This wasn’t easy for him because she was less than warm and fuzzy and he did not agree with her eye for the work or her approach with people – at all! 


But something did come to him.


I believe, that because he was clear that his intention was to do what he felt was right for the organization without leaving her feeling belittled, disrespected or judged in any way – an idea about how to shift the energy between them presented itself to him the second she walked into the meeting room….


… a big, shiny silver necklace (a power-necklace worthy of Wonder Woman for sure), saved the day!  He stood up and compliment her necklace and how great it looked on her.  And what happened then?


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