5 Tips for Cultivating a Connection to Purpose in Your Teen

The vast majority of us begin to face pressure to decide what to do with our lives when we are around age 15 or 16 in anticipation of graduating high school around age 18.  Most of us aren’t even allowed to decide what time to come home from hanging out with our friends at 15 no less to decide the way we plan to contribute to solving the world’s problems.  Isn’t it just so crazy that this is the way of our world?

Although as parents we can (or at least try), to guide our children in this decision, often it produces anxiety because we too are emotionally involved in this decision.  We want our kids to secure a profession where they can be safe and healthy, pay their bills, move out on their own, start a family – be successful!  We want all these things for them AND, most importantly, we want them to be happy!

Action for happiness featured an article about the keys to happiness in living and at work. 

The article reported that what helps to make people happy includes:

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