Why ON-GOING Education and Training Matters – Knowledge, Skill and Social Affiliation Expansion

Welcome to week 3  continuing on our topic of “4 key distinctions that matter for finding career happiness” after you obtain the ‘3C’s’ – clarity, confidence and conviction.

Before all that – I just have to share my joy over Spring – it is coming – I can just feel it – can’t you?  What a difference a week makes in the weather!  I am done, done, DONE with winter and anxiously awaiting Spring.

I do promise however to continue working to help the workforce transition to the indigoforce and to keep sharing my thoughts and great information through our blog – but I just might be doing it from outside soon – at least I hope!  Lucky for you – fresh air just might be the ticket to even better blogging content for you – we shall see – hopefully SOON.

Onto our topic…

Recap – Our first distinction was get comfortable making choices and our second was get courageous.  Did you clarify what your relationship to the concept “choices” is for you?  Did you assess if you have the courage (defined as feeling afraid but moving forward anyway), to make changes from time to time in your career?

Getting clear about the skills you need to develop and the environments where you can easily get exposure to obtaining those skills makes it is easier to make a move.  And remember, every job/career, field/industry, work environment,  and boss has their drawbacks.  When you are clear about what you are there to achieve personally and professionally most job drawbacks can become very tolerable.

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