I love that this was said…

“The closer we grow to our inner light, the more we feel the natural urge to share that light with others.  The meaning of work, whatever its form, is that it be used to heal the world.  Love is the most powerful fuel in any endeavor.  The most important question to ask about any work is ‘How does this serve the world?’”  Marianne Williamson


I believe the purpose of anybody’s life is to serve others and that the capacity in which you serve others (what you do) and the unique way you do it is your calling.


When you do your job – no matter what it is – think of yourself as a service provider.  Not just to your boss – but to the people who will be impacted by the job you do.  Channel your “inner-marketer” and think about how you relate to those you serve – imagine a “customer-profile”:

  • who they are – imagine a story about them in your mind (how old they are, where do they live, what’s their gender, family dynamic, sense of style, favorite thing to do, what makes them happy, sad, angry, and what goes on in their life day in and day out)
  • what their problem or struggle might be that is perfectly solved by something you can create for them through your job – imagine what happened to them that they need the work your company does – and more specifically, the work you do at your company.
  • how can you perform that work in a way that makes the biggest difference for that customer – even if you never interact with them directly?
  • who else might be impacted in a positive way because you perfectly solved this customer’s problem?


Living with a connection to a sense of purpose and calling begins in the discovery of what you can uniquely and easily do for others.  When we give what is easy for us to give, we feel happy to give it.  When we happily serve others what naturally follows is that we become more appreciated, respected, trusted and admired for what we bring to the table.  That leads to a sense of fulfillment because we see the value we can bring to others.  That sense of happiness and fulfillment attracts success including the material markers of success (i.e. money, recognition, etc).


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Purpose vs. Calling – What’s the difference?

People often ask me the difference between a “purpose” and a ”calling”.

The dictionary defines “purpose” as:  something set up as an object or end to be attained; a subject under discussion; an action in course of execution; by intent


“calling” as:  a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence; the vocation or profession in which one customarily engages

In the context of career, we can think of a purpose as an intentional act to attain a common end.  In my experience, that act, that common end we all share is to serve others.  We can think of a calling as a unique contribution (service) we each are passionate to contribute to others.

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