The secret weapon that can get you out of your rut of just going through the motions at work

Do you want a deeper sense of fulfillment from your work?


Who doesn’t right?


But, does your desire for fulfillment seem different this time – more intense  – more like “I think I am at a turning point in my life”?


We all know the difference between a dry spell in what we otherwise know is good match for us – be that in a partner, in a career or in a job – and down-right famine.  Do you feel closer to famine – a feeling in the pit in your stomach that nags you to do something dramatic to alleviate the pain of starvation for career fulfillment and avoid feeling defeated or doomed until retirement.


Maybe you already feel like a zombie at work or in your life – just going through the motions waiting for something to give – something to happen that will zap the answer about what direction to turn into your head and land you gently and safely into the arms of the mother of all career opportunities.


How did this feeling happen?  Did you commit to a college degree that you are no longer sure will lead you down a fulfilling path (does the phrase, “why did I listen to my parents” come into your head)?  Did you invest several years into a career that seems to be going nowhere (do you ever think to yourself – “oh, those ungrateful bosses”)?


You can get out of this rut – and your secret weapon could be the right career coach.


Could you be a candidate for career coaching?





How much do you relate with the following statements…

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