Cher thinks I am fast enough

A few weeks ago a friend told me that their job had been reduced to 2 days per week from full-time.  I was both outraged and impressed at the same time.  Impressed because what a genius idea for the company – you force the employee to go find another job on their time, and avoid unemployment and severance.  In addition, should your business model change or other employees leave, you can reinstate their hours/days.  I was outraged because it is a terrible way to treat people.  As a result, I decided to help my friend by offering to look over his resume and provide him guidance so that he could go after the kind of job he wanted (not the kind of job he had been doing).  I did that and e-mailed him my feedback with an edited version of his resume.  He quickly replied with a “thanks…I’ll look it over”.

At that time, I had been feeling down about the progress my partners and I were making getting indigoforce off the ground (it was all taking too long between designers and developers for websites, getting phones turned on, business cards printed, making contacts, etc. – I am a bit impatient – can you tell?).  I started to feel unsure if indigoforce or my role in its vision and mission was meant to be.  

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