Want to feel more well-rested? Spend more time awake!

When I decided to write a book I was really confused about what I could do to prepare for this creative process to happen.

Although I have written lots of content, training programs, policies, letters, processes – blah, blah, blah… writing a book was definitely something different.  I felt that I needed to create a space for “creativity” to flow through me.  I am much more used to welcoming “analysis” to come through me.

I decided I would invite meditation into my life to quiet my mind in a way that would allow for inspiration and messages to come through me.  I knew that meditation was a process that would have to evolve organically for me – I could never pressure myself into a process of quieting my mind – not easy for me!  So I decided that I was going to allow my meditation process to unfold in its own way.

I knew that in making a big decision – like to write a book – I would needed to examine the incongruencies I had in my life – the kind that would work counter-productively to writing a book.  Of course, there would be habits I could give up in order to make the book happen more easily.  For one thing, I committed to giving up my love for completing one thing before starting another.  

I did this to allow inspirational disruptions throughout my day which I would stop what I was doing to capture any thoughts that came to me – I would record messages on my phone while shampoo was in my hair, I would pull the car over to write things down on a napkin or piece of paper – whatever it took.  I decided that the book was really about what I would get from these moments of inspiration vs. a message that I wanted to get out there.  I would allow what I want to say to be shared in my blog series and what I got from my meditations and inspiration received during daily mundane events in life to be shared in my book.

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