Is your boss dragging you down? Learn what your favorite movie can teach you about thriving despite your boss’s behavior

The Society for HR Management recently released their annual Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report for 2015.  In that report they reveal the top factors that contribute to employee job satisfaction.  The top 2 contributors had to do with relationships at work:


  1. Respectful treatment of all employees at all levels
  2. Trust between employees and senior management


Following this theme around relationships with people…


Relationship with immediate supervisor ranked #6, Immediate supervisors respect for my ideas ranked #7, Communication between employees and senior management ranked #8, and Relationships with co-workers ranked #15.


The work itself ranked #11, Meaningfulness of the job ranked #14, and Variety of work ranked #21.


Relationships at work rule!!  More than anything else at your job – because how you feel about the people you work with/for has more to do with your ability to feel happy and fulfilled at your job than any tasks you are accountable to perform.


So, is your boss dragging you down?  Learn what your favorite movie can teach you about thriving despite your boss’s behavior…

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Your interviewing toolkit – say goodbye to interviewing jitters and hello to being a successful job or career changer

Successful Job Changer’s Interviewing Toolkit – item #2

A Demonstrated Commitment To On-Going Development

The next thing that belongs in your interviewing toolkit is a solid demonstration of your commitment to on-going development.  I don’t mean just something you can point to and say “I’m learning/reading/attending X right now”…

I mean a solid demonstration that development (both personal and professional) is a normal, regular on-going thing in your life.  One of the biggest mistakes a job candidate can make is to only talk about professional development opportunities that were afforded to them by their current or a former employer.

So how do you demonstrate that personal growth and professional development are a regular way of life?  Here are 3 factors that demonstrate a commitment to development – might they inspire you to make this commitment for yourself AND for those you serve …

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The easiest mistake you can avoid making in your career

Never underestimate the power of a good handshake!

Seems obvious, right?  Does anyone out there disagree with me on this one?  Probably not – so do I seriously have to blog about Handshaking 101?  Ahhh ya, I do because there are still far too many people out there who still hold onto their bad handshake and it is killing their advantage over their competition.

Bad Handshakers of the world (you know who you are), you must stop this insanity (you know, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – as in – “I’ll give the ‘limp fish‘ shake again – but this time – this time by golly people will get that I have energy, and that I am confident and powerful!”).  Do you hear it now?  This is the kindest (full on – benefit of the doubt), talk bubble that good handshakers see over your head when they try to shake your limp fish hand. We get it – maybe you are having a bad day or you are a little low on energy or self-esteem right now, but unless there is a cast of some sort on your arm or hand – there is no excuse – for a bad handshake.  Why?  Because it is the least amount of effort, easiest and fastest way to convey a sense of energy, confidence and “glad to see/meet you”!  And if you don’t have energy or confidence at the moment for whatever reason, it is the least amount of effort, easiest and fastest way to fake a sense of energy, confidence and “glad to see/meet you”!

Are you smacking yourself in the head yet?

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