Financing My Dream Job

This week was my 5 years old daughter’s dance recital – the song she danced to was entitled “Dancing Your Dreams” which got me thinking about working and financing my dream job.  This thinking started on Thursday afternoon which was her dress rehearsal day.  She had to be picked up from school, fed a snack, and helped into her costume with full hair and make-up complete and then wisked away to a regional high school where the performance would take place all within 60 minutes.  It wasn’t even close, I’m sure, to Honey Boo Boo’s schedule – but it was a lot to juggle – and we made it there just in time – costume, hair and makeup all done in the car when we arrived there – whew!


When I was working my corporate job, this a task that I would have lied to myself was appropriately handled by any care-giver.  But the truth was, I wanted to be there for my daughter for things like this.  Further to the truth, I also wanted to work a “dream job” that would have made it more than just possible that I could be there for her – I wanted a job where my Mommy role was a muse to my professional role and vice versa.  I feel so fortunate to have found that role as a Career Coach!  But walking away from my corporate salary and benefits seemed like a huge price to pay – but I did it anyway – and I vividly remembered why while helping her prepare for her dance recital…

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