Ever wonder if people at work think you’re a jerk? Are you dealing with a bunch of jerks at work? Here’s a simple tool to help you stop all this jerkiness!

In my last blog, I wrote:


“The truth is we all play ‘parts’ in our job and sometimes our interpretation of that role – with all the challenges we see ourselves to be up against – sometimes causes us to act in a way that blurs the line for people about who we really are.”


This was a really nice way of saying that sometimes we allow the challenges we face at work to justify us acting like a jerk – but we still want (or expect- oy!) others to see and relate to us “as we really are”.  “As we really are” means 2 things:


  1. as our “good” traits
  2. as our “good” intentions


Of course, most people will pardon isolated incidents of our “bad” behavior – especially if they know and like us.  But if we do this too often, they will start to believe – and then of course – treat us – as we are behaving – like a 1st class jerk.


So how do you avoid blurring this line for people? 

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