Want sustained productivity and a good mood throughout your workday? Do this…

So often in my practice I uncover with my clients that there is some “other element” of their life that is holding them back from realizing true job satisfaction – this element remains an obstacle for them even after they discover their talents, interests, values and match that to an ideal job and industry.  Often this “other element” is predictable – it is usually:

  • their relationship with money
  • their self-esteem and confidence regarding some physical aspect not easily changed (their voice, signs of aging, disabilities, etc.)
  • their personal style – or lack of it – such as their wardrobe, hair, etc.
  • their relationships with significant people in their life (their partners, parents, friends, kids, etc.)
  • their unfulfilled thirst for personal or skill development
  • a lack of fun and leisure
  • their comfort level with technology

and the number 1 reason…

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Balance, balance, balance – “Blend” your values

I recently figured out a way to “blend” two of my values.  This was inspired by my life long quest for balance.  If you are like me, you too cram too many things into a 16 hour window each day (sometimes for me it’s a 20 hour window).  But if you also value sleep like I do (man, oh, man – I do like my sleep!), then you must get creative about how you accomplish all the things that matter to you – so I seek to “blend”.  What do I mean by “blending” my values?  Let me share with you a recent real-life success story about blending my values…

Well – I have (as you do too), values in my life – things that I hold near and dear to my heart and/or purpose on this planet.

One of those things is being a Mom.  My value statement for being a Mom is:

“When my life is ideal, I am a loving, kind Mother who serves my children like they are a priority and matter at set times of the day and when they call upon me for assistance no matter what else is going on at the time or regardless of how I might feel.  This or something better!  I make choices that favor my values.”

One of my other values is leading a healthy lifestyle – that includes exercising.

Many of you know, especially if you are parents of younger children, that it can be challenging for these two values to co-exist harmoniously.

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