How to have a great week at work – even if things aren’t quite going your way.

Do you feel that things just aren’t “going your way” at work?

If you are in a pattern (at least once a week) of coming home from work and then talking about all the bad things that happened that day with some innocent and gracious soul who loves you enough to listen to you – then you just may be in a rut of seeing things as “not going your way”.

“Not going your way” may also look like the following:

  • you don’t think you’re paid enough
  • you’re not getting the results you want from the people around you
  • you’re not getting the credit you think you deserve
  • you’re not getting the “sexy” projects
  • you think you work too many hours
  • you don’t have enough happy customers

Instead of accepting any of these scenarios as evidence that things are in fact “not going your way”, could it instead be an opportunity to…

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Want conviction? Profoundly help others

Welcome to our 4th and final week  continuing on our topic of  “4 key distinctions that matter for finding career happiness.”

Let’s recap.  There are 4 things I want you to master in order to fully manifest the 3 C’s of career happiness (clarity, confidence and conviction).  Our first distinction was get comfortable making choices, our second was get courageous and our third was get committed to on-going education.  Remember, you are never really “out of school” – formal education and training should never stop.  Hopefully you selected a career and industry that are good matches for your abilities and interests so regular doses of  the latest information and the opportunity to connect with your peers should be nourishing to your soul – if they aren’t – HELLO – you may be in the wrong job/field (call us immediately before reading any further so you can get the help you need to find a career that excites you).

Last week we talked about needing to demonstrate your affiliation to OTHERS in your profession.  I shared that affiliation matters and one of the best way to show that you have the opportunity to be socially connected to your professional network is through pursuing continuing education (plus it helps you stay on top of the latest knowledge and developments in your field).

Going after continuing education and training is where you FIND your career and industry affiliations – the top talent in your field – the “who’s who” that YOU WANT TO BE CONNECTED to.  But how do you turn the illusion of being connected to these folks (it’s really just an illusion because your just hanging out in the same places they hang out), into a reality?

Welcome to the 4th distinction – PROFOUNDLY HELP OTHERS.

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