How to have a great week at work – even if things aren’t quite going your way.

Do you feel that things just aren’t “going your way” at work?

If you are in a pattern (at least once a week) of coming home from work and then talking about all the bad things that happened that day with some innocent and gracious soul who loves you enough to listen to you – then you just may be in a rut of seeing things as “not going your way”.

“Not going your way” may also look like the following:

  • you don’t think you’re paid enough
  • you’re not getting the results you want from the people around you
  • you’re not getting the credit you think you deserve
  • you’re not getting the “sexy” projects
  • you think you work too many hours
  • you don’t have enough happy customers

Instead of accepting any of these scenarios as evidence that things are in fact “not going your way”, could it instead be an opportunity to…

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Why courage matters for finding career happiness

Welcome to week 2 – continuing on our topic of “4 key distinctions that matter for finding career happiness”.  Of course, these are key only after you obtain the ‘3C’s’ – clarity, confidence and conviction.

Clarity – UNDERSTAND what your natural talents and abilities are, where they are needed, why they are needed, and why you encountered past successes and obstacles.

Confidence – OWN YOUR CHOICE to use your natural talents and abilities or to cultivate new talents and abilities with or without concerted effort.

Conviction – ACT CONTINUOUSLY to pursue roles that utilize your natural talents and abilities and communicate your aspirations in a manner that earns respect.

Our first distinction was getting comfortable making choices.  Did you clarify what your relationship to the concept “choices” is for you?  Making choices and accepting your choices is a key distinction to be in touch with – it can lead to a significant breakthrough that may enable you to find happiness in a career choice.  Getting clear about a career path (both short-term and long-term planning), can ease “choice discomfort” .

This week we explore why courage (feeling afraid but moving forward anyway), matters and how to get courageous.

Do you have the courage to make changes from time to time in your career?  We all know when we have overstayed our welcome when we are a guest – the same holds true for jobs and careers.

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