Secret Skills that Build Confidence and Engagement for Your Work…

Continuing on in our countdown of 10 Secret Skills that build confidence and engagement for your work…


Remember, they are a countdown because these are a progressive set of skills that can be developed and practiced in your daily work to connect you to a more vivid sense of personal power – of confidence that what you do makes a difference for others.


As we practice these skills we not only build our confidence, we simultaneously quiet the noise (the self-sabotaging comments) that produces naturally from our brains/ego in response to anything that is expressed from our spirit – our higher self.


So let’s get on with the countdown of  “Secret Skills” – and practice, practice, practice away at them!  Here’s #4 and #3…


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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Oh my – that crazy little thing called love.  Is there anything else truly more powerful?

In my coaching practice I often tell people that if you want to do something you can love, but you can’t (maybe because you can’t figure out what that is or maybe because it is just a task you ‘have to do’ but don’t prefer to do – like laundry) – then, love what you are doing.  Huh?  You might be thinking how the heck to you love something you already know you don’t love?  It comes down to 3 things:

  1. a choice
  2. a shift in your focus
  3. action

First – you must choose to have a life that includes loving doing what you love and the first step in making that happen is to love what you are doing.  You must make a CHOICE.  Break what you have to do into small portions – discover love for some aspect of what you are doing.  Consider the following ideas:

Do you love …

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