I love that this was said…

In Napoleon Hill’s famous book – Think and Grow Rich he points out that . . .


Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + Faith = Results


So what we think, feel, do and believe = our reality


How is not part of the equation!


In other words, if you can imagine it, wrap some passion around it, get into action in support of it, and stay faithful/hopeful that you will achieve it (and not let how trip you up too much) – you will get it – always.


It is important to know that whatever you want is given 100% of the time in the form of an opportunity not in the form of a result.  Results are a by-product of our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.


When we figure out enough how ideas (I like to think of 3 things I can do immediately to get things rolling), to get us in the right kinds of activity and energy for experiencing our what AND we stay open to more how idea showing up as we go along – and we take advantage of them when they do show up – we sustain our clarity, confidence and conviction for what we want. We stay more certain of what we want and that we will have it if we stay motivated to persist in achieving it.


We come to know that, by staying the course, our results could be as great as, or even better than, anything we could have initially imagined.


If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life – see if spending more time getting clear on what you want and taking 3 steps to make it happen helps you recognize opportunities that already exist around you for making what you want happen in a faster, more vivid way.


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