“The #1 way to bounce back with power from a painful performance review and win the support and respect you crave from your tough boss.”

Nothing seems to feel worse than getting a tough message from your boss about your performance.  If you have been there, you know how it feels to hear things like…

“Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a change in your behavior that’s creating problems within our team…”

“Lately, your metrics are falling short of our goals…”

“You’ve had a few customer complaints I’d like to talk with you about…”

“Your attendance issues have become a concern…”

And if you have a “tough-minded” or all-out “drop and give my 20” kinda boss, the discussions will probably start out even worse than my somewhat tender-hearted examples.

As a former head of HR who specialized in performance management strategy and counseling – lemme share a secret with you…

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