Your interviewing toolkit – say goodbye to interviewing jitters and hello to being a successful job or career changer

Successful Job Changer’s Interviewing Toolkit – item #2

A Demonstrated Commitment To On-Going Development

The next thing that belongs in your interviewing toolkit is a solid demonstration of your commitment to on-going development.  I don’t mean just something you can point to and say “I’m learning/reading/attending X right now”…

I mean a solid demonstration that development (both personal and professional) is a normal, regular on-going thing in your life.  One of the biggest mistakes a job candidate can make is to only talk about professional development opportunities that were afforded to them by their current or a former employer.

So how do you demonstrate that personal growth and professional development are a regular way of life?  Here are 3 factors that demonstrate a commitment to development – might they inspire you to make this commitment for yourself AND for those you serve …

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