I love this book…



Want to learn more about how to live and work from a sense of power and overcome the “forced” existence?  Check out Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins.  I devoured this book – once I started I couldn’t put it down!  Learn about the levels of human consciousness and what builds power vs what drains power.  This book explains “The Law of Attraction” before that term was even a household phrase.  This book offers an (easy to understand) scientific and spiritual framework for understanding how people (and therefore) the world around us works.

May the force not be with you

Have you ever felt forced to do something at work you knew was downright wrong?  Of course you have – we all have!  “Wrong” holds no degrees of “wrongness”.  We think it does – but the truth is if something doesn’t feel right – no matter how minor it might seem (i.e. assuring someone a deadline can be met when you’re just not quite sure that’s true or telling someone you read something you didn’t read – not yet anyway!), it leaves us feeling uneasy and it drains our sense of personal power.  


You might think it’s easier to cope with “wrong” doing when the decision to engage in a minor level of corporate cloak and dagger is in your control – and better yet – when it’s a secret you can keep to yourself – no one will ever know!  You might justify these little white lies as necessary to keep the peace (in corporate speak this really means – to preserve your reputation with people you believe have power to harm you in some way).  


But, when it’s out of your control…


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