Want sustained productivity and a good mood throughout your workday? Do this…

So often in my practice I uncover with my clients that there is some “other element” of their life that is holding them back from realizing true job satisfaction – this element remains an obstacle for them even after they discover their talents, interests, values and match that to an ideal job and industry.  Often this “other element” is predictable – it is usually:

  • their relationship with money
  • their self-esteem and confidence regarding some physical aspect not easily changed (their voice, signs of aging, disabilities, etc.)
  • their personal style – or lack of it – such as their wardrobe, hair, etc.
  • their relationships with significant people in their life (their partners, parents, friends, kids, etc.)
  • their unfulfilled thirst for personal or skill development
  • a lack of fun and leisure
  • their comfort level with technology

and the number 1 reason…

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