Why I would wear a scarf in hot weather

I will be attending the Shine conference in Las Vegas, NV this November so I decided I wanted something indigo to wear to the event.  My journey took me into the scarf section of a well known department store and there I notice a salesperson working nearby helping others on their fashion journey and straightening merchandise.  There were also about 5 other people in the small section buying much more fun, fashion trendy scarves and belts.  

I approached a table that had about 100 cashmere scarves in every color you can imagine and there I found it – the perfect color indigo.  I pull it out of about 10 other shades of blue and try it on.  The salesperson immediately comes over to me and comments that this color is perfect for me – I didn’t see it that way but it was nice to hear.  “Oh, you think…” I politely replied and she said “the second you put it on I just felt there was something about it that was right for you – like you were meant for that color”.  Wow, I thought, either the salesperson is definitely in the right profession or I guess I am supposed to have this scarf even though I did not want to pay $100 for a scarf even if it was the perfect color.  

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