10 No Cost Ways to Present Yourself at Your Best – #4 & #3

So here we are in week 4 of a 5 week series dedicated to no cost things you can do to treat yourself well and demonstrate that you value yourself.  Can you hear the drum roll as we get closer we get to #1?

I hope you get that treating yourself well doesn’t have to mean having money.  Custom suits are nice, but nothing replaces a general regard for yourself and how you allow yourself to be presented to others – especially those you are servicing or helping – which is what your job ultimately enables you to do!  When you are helping others – offer them the best you have to offer – this includes the best YOU you can offer.

Here are 2 additional tips for you.

#4.  Take on a “signature something”

You are no doubt wondering what the heck is a “signature something”?  It is something that makes you  memorable – something that definitely tells others something about you.  Maybe it is a piece of jewelry, a certain color you wear often, or a just anything that makes you MEMORABLE.  Let me give you an example.

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