Get the tools successful career changers have to avoid interview jitters and to land the job over other candidates – even those with more experience than you

So you wanna change careers in 2015 but you’re feeling overwhelmed – how on earth are you going to compete with others who have more experience?  The answer often lies in having the confidence to sell yourself – with all the experience and skills you have – and don’t have.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I am going to gift you some confidence.  I am giving you tools to become a successful career changer yourself in 2015.  Over the next 6 blogs I will share secrets with you about what belongs in your interviewing tool kit so that you never have to feel interviewing jitters again – whether you are changing careers or just going after a new job.  So let’s get a jumpstart on the new year right now!

One way to get that confidence is to give yourself the tools to explain yourself.  If your interviewing toolkit includes a handful of key things – you will not only feel less anxious at interviews – you might actually enjoy interviewing – it can be fun to take your new tools out for a test drive.  So what should be in a good interviewing toolkit?  One thing that is essential is …

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