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Successful Job Changer’s Interviewing Toolkit – item #3

Values Clarity Statements

Before I explain what these statements are – let’s get on the same page about what I mean by values.


Values – meaningful contributions you want to be a part of creating in the world


So how do you connect with your values?


You can start by simply asking yourself who really matters to me and what do I most want for them?  (If this doesn’t help you get started, don’t worry, I have a more step-by-step approach to offer you in a bit – and it will only cost you about 1 hour of your time).


Values are about what you intend and actively work to manifest for others.   When you are clear about who matters most to you, what you want them to experience and feel like – starting with what you can most control which is every interaction with you – a role that will fulfill you and an intended way of being in that role (how to behave) becomes clear.


One of our primary life responsibilities is to get clear about our values.  That includes the roles we play in life, the people who benefit from us playing in those roles, and our intentions for how we want to impact those people in our life.


Why so much focus on what we intend for others in an interview?   

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