10 Secret Skills that Build Confidence and Engagement for Your Work…

Here is #6 and #5…


Continuing on in our countdown of 10 Secret Skills that build confidence and engagement for your work…


Remember, they are a countdown because these are a progressive set of skills that can be developed and practiced in your daily work to connect you to a more vivid sense of personal power – confidence that what you can do makes a difference for others.


As we practice these skills we not only build our confidence, we simultaneously quiet the noise (the self-sabotaging comments) that produces naturally from our brains/ego in response to anything that is expressed from our spirit – our higher self.


Operating from ego is a state of being that requires effort in order to get something you want for yourself.  Operating from spirit a state of being that requires seemingly no effort in order to enable a benefit for another.  Quieting your will/ego enables your spirit to be the filter through which you perform your daily tasks – that is doing “your work”.  Doing “your work” enables you to easily experience fulfillment.  When ego is the filter through which you perform your daily tasks you are (at best) doing “your job”.  Doing “your job” is often not enough to sustain an experience of fulfillment – or happiness.


So let’s get on with the countdown of  “Secret Skills” – and practice, practice, practice away at them!  Here’s #6 and #5…

Secret Skill #6 – You harmoniously resolve issues despite challenges 


People who harmoniously resolve problems are people who follow The Hippocratic Oath (a.k.a. The Physician’s Creed):  “First, do no harm”.


Definitions of harmony include:

  • “a pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”
  • “internal calm”


The truth is a lot of people can solve problems – but often they are running around like they are on fire and they tend to leave “dead bodies” in the wake of the solution.  That often happens when you are overlooking the opportunity to incorporate all stakeholders needs into a solution.


This secret skill is more than just being able to solve problems.  It’s a type of problem-solving ability that involves a deep acknowledgement of and respect for several things:

  • diversity
  • flexibility to accommodates challenges/limitations
  • possibility


Resolving issues in this way means that although you can create a plan/schedule and stick to it – you can also course-correct when necessary.  Often this is done to be appropriate to the situation at hand and the people involved in the process.  Understanding that people and situations are often unpredictable you know that “problems” will come up – especially when you are solving “problems” – and with this secret skill you know this on a deep level – so you may not even see “problems” as “problems” at all – it just is what is and you accept it as it is (and as it isn’t).  Because you know this, you often remain calm – the bigger the crisis, the calmer you become.  You have faith that whatever the situation, it can be restored to balance – the seemingly problematic conditions surrounding the situation are merely clues about what to give attention to in order for a restorative solution to surface on its own.  It will be a solution that considers everyone’s challenges and ideas and marries them into one remedy.


You also have a deep understanding that we all have our faults so you forgive more easily than most people.  You understand that your greatest contribution is actually to restore balance – because of that, you are less interested in why things are the way they are so you are not apt to go on “witch hunts” to find who is to blame and administer punishment.  Actually, you are more interested in what all stakeholders need to restore the balance and stop unbalance from re-occurring in the future.


Those with this secret skill accept others where they are at (emotionally charged, less experienced, intimidated/intimidating, in opposition, etc.) so they are not stopped by how others react to their efforts.  They are not only masters at solving problems restoring balance, they are great at dealing with others – especially those who are emotionally charged or deemed by others to be “difficult” or “intimidating”.


An outcome of solving problems in this way often results in unexpected benefits that often include:

  • exceeded expectations
  • inclusion and renewed stakeholdership (shared accountability)
  • balance (for people and the situations/processes involved)


So how do you know if you have done more than just solved a few problems?  Here are a few examples:


  • You remain calm in a crisis – you understand facing opposition – even chaos – is part of solving problems
  • You understand and inspire others around a “bigger picture” – you think “outside the box”
  • You understand, respect and advocate for different experiences/beliefs – maybe due to different languages you speak, from being well-traveled, from studying or experiencing different cultures/customs, or maybe just from practicing empathy and understanding what others are up against or dealing with which may be unique from others
  • You include others who may be difficult to engage with others – you include vs. reject/avoid others including those who may be challenging, intimidating or “difficult people”
  • You are in tune with how things “really work” and who controls what – you figure out and effectively use informal “power” structures
  • You seek out and get help when you need it – you have no “ego” about having to do it all on your own
  • You can put others at ease
  • You overcome obstacles and go on to realize success/results
  • You always find a way to keep balance in your life no matter what demands are “on” you – you maintain a well-balanced life giving time and attention to your spiritual development, knowledge/skill development, and leisure life as well as your work life PLUS you respect and support others who try to do the same in their lives

What opportunity do you have to solve problems restore balance in a harmonious way?


Secret Skill #5 – You can handle and apply data/information


This is the secret skill where you get to show off your credentials and knowledge of all things objective.  People with this secret skill often are (and stay) informed.  This may apply to several areas including:

  • Education related to their field – college degrees, credentials (there are letters around their name – i.e. – Dr, PhD, CPA, SPHR, CFA, etc.) and they keep their credentials up to date through recertification processes
  • Understanding of global issues, views and events – often they are up on the latest economic, social, political, news and views
  • Technically savvy – they understand the latest in hardware, software, and every other gadget that’s hot – often they are “early adapters” when it comes to technological advances


Typically, people with this skill are comfortable with data, documentation, information – even large and complex volumes of data.  They don’t have to be “left-brained” necessarily – they might actually be very “right-brained” – for example, they may be able to take large volumes of information and create a graphic that explains the data with an easy to understand picture.


What’s really prevalent is that they understand concepts, theories, methodologies and studies behind their profession and that enables them to see relationships between things that others may not see.


They are comfortable with logic and the “technical stuff” – the side of their work that requires details, documentation, producing reports, executive summaries, etc.  The stuff necessary to educate others, make things actually work or create historical records about their work.  People with this skill can easily deal with the particulars – the detailed stuff others may find boring or tedious.


A valuable side effect of this skill may be that because you are so informed, you find it easy to determine what you think about things related to your work.  This may make you more comfortable than most in making rational, unbiased, apply-it-across-the-board type of decisions.



What are you doing to educate yourself and how are you applying what you learn in your work?



Develop 2-3 examples (stories) to demonstrate how you have harmoniously resolved issues and/or handled and applied data in your work.  Your story/example should demonstrate the unique way you made a difference FOR ANOTHER (never just for yourself).




Want some help identifying your unique expression of the Secret Skills?


Discover what you have to offer to others and learn how to explain that in a way that sets you apart from your competition – even those with more experience than you.


All job candidates can express their strengths – but can they also express their unique expression of that strength AND the impact their strengths can have on others?


If you can paint a picture for the interviewer to help them see what’s in it for them to have you around day in and day out – you will absolutely set yourself apart from other candidates.  Why?  Because most candidates don’t (and can’t) do this – those who do come across as self-aware, confident, conscientious and passionate.  People want to align with people who have that kind of energy – don’t you?


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