A lot can change in a matter of days if you know what you want

Late last year I made a decision that I was going to write a book.  At the time, I was writing 2 things – 1 was my group Success Readiness Bootcamp TM and Workbook for Students (and another track for Adults) and the other was Powerful Connections Made Easy TM – a tele-training course and workbook that will be released later this year.

The Bootcamp I wrote on my own and the Powerful Connections Made Easy tele-training course and workbook was co-authored with a partner Aprille Trupiano, International Expert on Leadership, who is in St. Louis, MO.  

I completed the first draft of both by Christmas of 2011 (with just enough time to pull a holiday together for my 2 young children).  As soon as I put my first drafts of both projects to rest, I blinked my eyes and found the holidays were over and I was about 10 pounds heavier.

Writing can be lonely business – good thing I like to be alone!  But when I work I go into a trance-like state and don’t come up for air (or obviously exercise – thus the 10 pound gain!), until I feel that my message is out and that the work to make it understandable is done.  I did this about 3 nano-seconds before Christmas and I was so happy – I felt such a sense of accomplishment and I was looking forward to running with my two new “babies” in January (I haven’t lost all the “baby weight” just yet – but I am a better and wiser woman because of it  ;-).

So you can imagine how surprised I was when in the final days of 2011 the notion hit me to write a book.  My keypad wasn’t even cold yet!

How could this idea be the path to follow in 2012?  Yet it seemed right and a big chunk of my 2012 business plan revolved around writing a book.

At that time, the only thing I knew about this book is that I wanted a support team around me while I wrote it.  Not just any support team – I wanted to be mentored and supported by some of the top people in my field – people with celebrity status.  I wanted this caliber of support because I want to offer those I serve a product that was also nurtured by some of the top thought leaders in the field of transformation thinking – I want a product that touches the masses and changes the workforce.

2 months later, an opportunity came my way .  Being the good “practicer of what I preach” – I acted on it. Janet and Chris Attwood, NY Times Bestselling authors of The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny, Marci Shimoff, author of 6 NY Times Bestselling books including Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul and Happy for No Reason, 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out, and Geoff Affleck, a professional speaker, workshop facilitator and marketing expert, sent out a call for applicants into their new program for coaching future authors of transformational books.  I saw this and thought “Wow – they are going to get a lot of responses” but I filled out the application because I thought it was “good energy” to put out into the Universe – “Yes Universe, this is the kind of support I want” was my intention and thought while I was filling out my application.  I completed the application from bed with my iPhone – I remember that day clearly – it was not a good one – I was tired, cranky, I had enough with my kids that day, and I had worked a lot of hours that day – but I was determined to do one thing for myself that would be positive and help me feel good before I fell asleep.

When I filled out this application, I was aware that my business didn’t have the money in the budget for me to enroll in this kind of program – but that wasn’t the point of completing the application.  My point was to send a message to the Universe about what I wanted to manifest.  Needless to say, I was selected among over 150 applicants for an interview.  “Okay”, I thought, “it’s just an interview, take one more step and set up a time for the interview – but act immediately”.    I did that.

I was offered the 11th seat by the end of the interview (there were 12 seats in the program).  My business still didn’t have the money in the budget – but again, I must practice what I preach to my clients and have faith the money would come (almost all of it has in the form of new clients and the rest of it will and in time before the bill arrives).  But here is why I really took the seat…  WHEN THE UNIVERSE OFFERS YOU WHAT YOU ASK FOR – YOU TAKE IT!!!!!

Picture a scale – like the scales of justice – on one end is direct alignment with some of the top public leaders in your field (and their connections) and on the other side of the scale is a few thousand dollars – which do you pick? This is not a trick question – neither answer is wrong.

Regardless of which you picked, ask yourself – “Is your work aligned with your values, talents and interests?” Is your answer to this question in alignment with the side of the scale you chose in favor of?

Mine is.

I chose to act on the opportunity provided by the Universe and I was on a plane to meet the authors and my 11 other future best selling authors days later.  What happened when I arrived in San Diego, CA days later far exceeded anything I had imagined.  Next week, I will share more of my journey with you – until then think about  this…

What do you want for yourself?

Ask for it.

A lot can change in a matter of days.

About Gina Calvano

Gina Calvano is a certified coach and Senior Professional in Human Resources, with over 20 years of experience as a talent management professional in both the private and non-profit sectors. With a unique approach, she combines her strategic corporate expertise and accreditations with metaphysics and transformational thinking which has resulted in people all over the world feeling good about themselves and connected to a sense of purpose.

She created the Success Readiness Bootcamp™, a step by step process that enables people to easily discover their unique talents and abilities and match them to majors, jobs, industries and leisure pursuits. Gina is also the co-author of Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life with NY Times Best Selling Authors Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood and Powerful Connections Made Easy™ with Aprille Trupiano, and is currently working on her next book — Caged in My Cube: The Turnaround Guide For Loving The Job You Hate.

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