I love that this was said…

“How people treat you is their karma.  How you react is yours.” Wayne Dyer


One powerful antidote to cynicism may lie in working to improve your relationships through offering a civil approach toward others.  Civility is the opposite of cynicism.  And although we cannot ultimately control how others will treat or react to us, we can control how we treat and react to others.  It’s all about respectful interaction with others – whether or not we agree with them, their ideas or approaches.


If others are treating you badly and you react with more bad behavior (arguing, insults, finger-pointing, etc.) then you are bringing that energy to life in your life.  If others treat you badly and you react with belonging, nurturing, or respect/esteem – you are brining that energy into your life.


I read somewhere that negative energy directed at you is a call for help from you – it’s your love/care/concern/help that can make the difference for the person who is in pain and misdirecting their upset at you.  Refusing a call for help is living your life in agreement that you are not deserving of help unless you behave a certain way – and that is nonsense – we all deserve grace.  Underserved favor (or help) is grace.  We experience it best when we offer it to another.


Favor an experience of grace vs. an experience of anger/fear/arguing, etc.



Feeling crabby at work? Don’t focus on things changing in your job to restore your mood – focus on this…

How dedicated would you say you are to your job?  How dedicated would you say you are to your customers, your co-workers or your supervisors?  When it comes to job satisfaction did you know that how you feel about the people you interact with has more to do with how you will feel about your job than the tasks you have to perform?


But getting along with people can bring problems.  As we all know, we are not meant to please everyone all the time – and everyone is not meant to please us all the time (although we often live like this is how life is supposed to be).   With that, we experience cynicism from time to time.  Someone will do or say something that makes us contort our face into the same shape it would make if we smelled something really foul and offensive and a cartoon bubble might appear over our head that reads “WTF?” and emotionally we respond with some form of fear (anger, hurt, shame, confusion, etc.).


Hopefully our norm is to forgive and move forward.  But sometimes it builds up and we respond to that person or similar situation with a degree of reserve expecting a similar pain we experienced in the past.  Consistency in that thinking eventually leads us to develop a negative attitude as our norm or to just withdraw altogether.  This is how cynicism evolves.


So, are you feeling crabby at work?  Don’t focus on things changing in your job to restore your mood – focus on this…

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I love that this was said…

“Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how much sleep or how much coffee I drink or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up.  My soul is tired.”  Unknown


This quote has probably crossed the mind of every adult at some point in their working career.  It’s truly speaks to a fear that you may be tired beyond recovery.


That is never true – you can always bounce back.  Experiencing energy-depleting events and learning your boundaries and how to bounce back is how consciousness evolvement happens.


My last blog was all about becoming aware of events at work that are likely to exhaust anybody and the remedial action you can take to recover your vigor.  You might be surprised – not so much about what some of the contributors are to exhaustion – but about the remedies to recover.  You may be doing things that you usually enjoy but they could actually be keeping you down.  So put down the coffee and other self-medicating remedies and read my last blog…

Do you feel emotionally drained after your work day?  There is a way to get your energy back!



Do you feel emotionally drained after your work day? There is a way to get your energy back!

Confession:  I slept a good part of the day away yesterday.


I’m battling my usual seasonal allergies plus I didn’t sleep well the night before. I thought “It’s understandable – I’ll take an allergy pill, a long nap and I’ll be fine.”  And I was – for the most part – I wasn’t 100% – but I was able to pull myself together, shower and enjoy a family dinner and birthday party later that afternoon.


This feeling reminded of how I would often feel this way when I worked in corporate earlier in my career.  The truth was, I felt this way pretty much every day AND I did not have confidence that anything could help me to rally and get productive or feel energetic.  Can you relate?


  • Do you feel tired before you go to work (even if you slept well the night before)?
  • Do you anticipate that you will be drained physically and emotionally by events that will surely come up at work each day?
  • Do you doubt you will have the energy to deal effectively with your work each day (no less accomplish a few goals)?
  • Even if you had the energy, do you doubt that your energy and efforts would make a difference?
  • Do you feel emotionally drained after your work day?


There is a way to get your energy back!

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I love that this was said…

“To become more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world”.  David Hawkins


Disengaged people affect all people.  What you think, believe, do, and practice regularly affects everyone  – not just everyone around you – but the planet.


There is an exponential effect of one person operating at a higher level of creativity, kindness, love, beauty, etc. that negates several people operating with energies that are negative.  The “power of one” is real – we feel it all the time – the planet feels depressed of energy when we lose someone who is a powerful expression of some form of positive energy.


Becoming more aware – more knowledgeable – about yourself (your talents, values, energy-zappers and what works to build your energy back up, etc). and about how energy works on this planet is how you elevate your consciousness – not just for the rewards that reaps for yourself (enjoying valuable experiences and getting valued for the things you want to be valued for) but for how it cancels out the negative energy that is more easily extended by several others who are not yet aware and equipped enough to regularly extend positive energy.


Connect to your higher power – your higher self – understanding your potential triggers of disengagement and burnout and practicing exercises that can help you recover is one way to raise your consciousness.

Feeling tired, crabby, powerless – pretty much every day? You can recover – here’s how…

Do you experience any of the following pretty much every day?…


1.  exhaustion (mental, emotional and/or physical)


Do you experience depleted energy due to helplessness, futility or tiredness due to overwork?


2.  crabby 


Do you frequently have a negative or cynical attitude or loss of concern for something you have a responsibility for – this can include people you interact with fairly regularly?  Do you seek to remove yourself from these situations or people whenever you can?


3.  feeling powerless 


Do you feel incompetent, insufficient, discouraged or powerless to get done what you need to or want to accomplish?


Chronic exposure to any of these 3 experiences can unleash a case of burnout.


Burnout typically starts as a form of disengagement which may be triggered by perceived threatening situations, diminished returns on personally invested resources, enhanced demands, or lack of resources.  It can begin as mildly as developing a “wait-and-see attitude” towards aspects of your life – meaning you might hold back from investing too much time, effort or energy in something because you prefer to see how things “play out”.  But here’s what happens when we allow solutions outside of ourself to develop…

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Feeling tired of your job?

Feeling tired of your job?  Maybe your feeling tired in general – and not just at work!  We all feel tired from time to time.  Sometimes, we just need more sleep or maybe we have been working out too hard or we are coming down with a cold or something or maybe there is a bigger health issue going on.  But sometimes many of us experience the general malaise of “tiredness” that seems to follow us one day after another no matter how much sleep we get.


It’s a feeling of tired that’s a mixture of a few key ingredients such as:


  • a handful of low energy (maybe you’re just not feelin’ that pep in your step)
  • a cup of powerlessness (every aspect of our life seems to constantly tug at us – especially our job, our house, our kids, our partners – all of them wanting more from us than we seem to have to give – and all of them tugging at us all at the same time!)
  • a dash of cynicism (you might think “I can’t give everyone what they want – and if I could they wouldn’t appreciate it – they’ll just be right back at me wanting the next thing”).
  • (maybe even) a pinch of bordem (every day looks the same – and yet we crave for something “exciting” to happen – but what?)


Mixed altogether – you might feel downright burned out – your spark is just gone.  How can you get it back?


Over the next several weeks I am going to share with you the signs that you may be on the path to experiencing burnout.  Plus I will offer you some food for thought, compelling questions and some exercises about what you can do to get on a path to recovering from burnout and even preventing another round of burnout in the future.


Here’s a hint about how to start overcoming one of the markers of burnout – exhaustion…


“The result of genuine devotion is inspiration, a word which properly understood is the opposite of fatigue.  To be fatigued is to be dis-spirited, but to be inspired is to be in the spirit.”  From A Course In Miracles


This quote offers the chance to think about not what inspires you – but what are you truly devoted to?  Devotion is a key path to inspiration (and to ascending from non-health related fatigue).  Devotion is defined as “profound dedication; consecration”  and “earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.”  The cause and effect relationship is clear in this quote:


devotion ———->  inspiration




dis-spirited (to deprive of hope/enthusiasm or to discourage) ————-> fatigue


There may be things you may think you are devoted to but if a sense of inspiration is not experienced in return, are you truly devoted?  Inspiration is not something you need to seek – it is a by-product of your devotion (of your hope/enthusiasm – maybe – of your courage).  Another way to see devotion is to see it as honoring something.  So with this offered perspective…


Think about your job – what would honoring your job look like to you?


I love this book…



Want to learn more about how to live and work from a sense of power and overcome the “forced” existence?  Check out Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins.  I devoured this book – once I started I couldn’t put it down!  Learn about the levels of human consciousness and what builds power vs what drains power.  This book explains “The Law of Attraction” before that term was even a household phrase.  This book offers an (easy to understand) scientific and spiritual framework for understanding how people (and therefore) the world around us works.

Navigate “the force” around you and connect with “the power” within you – here’s how…

Want some help navigating “the force” around you at work?


Avoid grief, stress and even job burnout while navigating complex work situations that drain your energy and power.  Create a vision for a work environment with professional alliances that are better aligned with your values, talents and ambitions.  Strengthen your ability to see opportunities to experience your desired work situation –  in the job you already have – even if it’s a job you hate!


Restore your energy and confidence to resonate with opportunities that favor your envisioned success.  Be supported by a former head of Human Resources – an employment relations expert – who can inspire new perspectives and strategize new approaches to your work and the people you interact with in a way that enables win/win outcomes.  Serve and interact with others with a sense of calm, confidence, purposefulness – with power!


Get this coaching for yourself through my Caged In My Cube:  Doing Powerful Work You Love Despite The Job You Hate coaching sessions.  Contact me today at 888/560-8233 to find out if this program is right for you.


May the force not be with you

Have you ever felt forced to do something at work you knew was downright wrong?  Of course you have – we all have!  “Wrong” holds no degrees of “wrongness”.  We think it does – but the truth is if something doesn’t feel right – no matter how minor it might seem (i.e. assuring someone a deadline can be met when you’re just not quite sure that’s true or telling someone you read something you didn’t read – not yet anyway!), it leaves us feeling uneasy and it drains our sense of personal power.  


You might think it’s easier to cope with “wrong” doing when the decision to engage in a minor level of corporate cloak and dagger is in your control – and better yet – when it’s a secret you can keep to yourself – no one will ever know!  You might justify these little white lies as necessary to keep the peace (in corporate speak this really means – to preserve your reputation with people you believe have power to harm you in some way).  


But, when it’s out of your control…


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