Do dark times at work turn you into a zombie? Wake up, restore, and heal! Here’s how…

Every damp, cold, dark morning, starting around 5AM – sometimes even earlier – millions of people turn into zombies and terrorize corporations and businesses everywhere!


You know!  You’ve been among them – they’re everywhere!




…can you be sure you’re not one of them?  Dun, dun, dun….


We all go through dark times – especially with our jobs.  Whether you are tortured by the stress that comes with….


  • demands that you stay long into the night – alone in the office building – working to meet a deadline and sacrificing much needed sleep and down time to get it done
  • your brain getting zapped and melted down by aliens with lasers that come from their eyes and mouths – they try to reprogram your brain into doing your job exactly they way they think it should be done – your brain, talents, experience, and skills are no longer required-  just your blind compliance
  • the axe dropping down – yet another under-performing quarter that requires downsizings – it feels like death by a thousand cuts and you feel powerless to do anything about it
  • picking up the slack from under-performing co-workers who suck the life from you like a vampire – leaving you transformed into a crabby, cynical monster yourself


Here’s what’s even more scary than facing dark times like these at work…

Not giving yourself  “the fuel” to take on these dark battles.


The truth is, as a friend of mine once said so well… “It’s not the dark times that challenge you – it’s your limiting self beliefs.”


Sometimes, limiting self-beliefs occur to you like:


  • misery“Extra demands and stress?  Great – just what I need!”
  • guilt  – “I won’t be there for my family. Can they get along without me?”
  • hopelessness“This place sucks – it will never change.”
  • regret“No good deed goes unpunished!  Next time I’ll keep my mouth shut.”


Yet, other times, limiting self-beliefs may occur like this:


  • anxiety“I better just suck it up and do this – I can’t lose my job!”
  • denial“I’m fine, I’ll get through it.”
  • aggression“Everyone is so pissy and whiny – just shut the f*** up and let’s do what we gotta do people!”
  • pride“No one can do this job better than me!  I’ll show them just how much they would suffer without me around!”


Not matter what your limiting self-beliefs might be, they keep you focused on the wrong thing during times of stress.  The very first thing to do is shift your focus from the stressor to your self care.  Ask yourself “How will I nurture myself while I am dealing with this time of stress?”


Let me break this down for you with a super simple analogy…


When my kids were much smaller one of their “biggest stressors” was the nightly dose of green vegetables that showed up on their plate.  To them, it was a pile of sludge – and a barrier between them and their favorite desserts.  No matter how harmless (and actually), good for them those vegetables were, nothing I was going to say would convince them to see the opportunity those vegetables bought them.  I was just the big, bad, mean ‘boss’ who subjected them to this nightly torture!


I knew that the way they saw those vegetables was tough for them – it was down-right draining (for all of us)!  What I taught them about vegetables – is the same I am going to teach you about nurturing yourself through tough times on the job…


Think of “eating” as your engagement, “vegetables” as the stressor you face at work, and “dessert” as something that brings you joy and happiness – the things you love most, are important to you, that are most critical to your happiness and well-being.


  • If they chose to “eat” none the “vegetables” – there would not be any “dessert”.  (Nothing lost – nothing gained)
  • If they chose to “eat” some of the “vegetables” – there would be some “dessert”. (Some lost – some gained)
  • If they chose to “eat” all of the “vegetables” – they could have as much “dessert” as they wanted(A lot lost – all you could ever want and then some gained!)


We can’t always chose what we will face – but we can always chose the degree to which we will be engaged.  When we don’t feel that we have reliable, on-going access to what fills us up, we will feel like  we are not in control of our ability to be engaged.  The truth is, everything we do either adds to or takes away from our sense of fulfillment.  Too often, we allow ourselves to do things that drain us yet we do nothing to restore our fulfillment supply.  This is like expecting a car to drive without gas.


When you regularly restore your fulfillment tank you protect yourself from burnout – from feeling exhausted, cynical, and powerless to get anything done.


If you practiced filling up your fulfillment tank on a regular basis how differently would you show up for others? It’s not just about showing up differently – sometimes – especially when we are going through stressful times – it’s about showing up at all!  Let me share something with you to drive this point from your head to your heart…


A Gallup study found that only 30% of working Americans are passionate and engaged about what they do.  That means that 70% are unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled.


Imagine that 30% of your heart was working right and 70% of your heart wasn’t working at all. What would happen?  You’d be dead!


Could it be some kind of zombie apocalypse is playing out in our corporations and businesses?  Do dark times at work turn you into a zombie?  Wake up, restore, and heal!  Here’s how…

In the best-selling book Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters”  the authors interviewed over 200 people who had achieved enduring success for over 20 years.  Here’s what they found…


“Enduringly successful people developed the habit of always choosing in favor of things which have deep personal meaning for them – no matter what anyone else thought about their decisions”.  


Would that make a difference in your life – to be free of what others thought about your decisions?


When you are going through something stressful it’s even more critical to indulge what fulfills you.


Are you doing this?  If not, you might be part of the zombie apocalypse at your job.  Can you wake up, restore, and heal?  Of course you can!


Here’s your start…


Experience the transformation that occurs when you take The Passion Test – step-by-step, live with me!  


Accessible to anyone, of any faith, from any background, The Passion Test is the #1 process worldwide for discovering and unleashing the things that matter most to you in life.  It’s simple, powerful, and fun to do!  During this program you’ll discover:


Clarity about your top 5 passions with the tools to effortlessly choose in favor of your passions without – guilt!


If you feel ready for a new direction and perspective about your life – one that includes fun, joy, energy, and confidence – then you will love taking The Passion Test!



Here’s what I’ve heard people say about taking The Passion Test:


  • “I learned HOW to make choices that make me feel aligned with what matters most to me”
  • “I feel reconnected with passions that I have lost site of because I let other people’s needs and agendas take me over”
  • “I let go of the guilt of doing what I love”


The Passion Test offers you the opportunity to:

  • connect to a sense of purpose through identifying and living in support of 5 passions that matter most for you to feel fulfilled in the life you have right now
  • get your priorities for happiness and success straight
  • live life from from your passions (and stop living from everyone else’s agenda)


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How differently could you feel about your work and your life if you gave yourself what you needed to feel recharged, confident, and at peace?


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About Gina Calvano

Gina Calvano is a certified coach and Senior Professional in Human Resources, with over 20 years of experience as a talent management professional in both the private and non-profit sectors. With a unique approach, she combines her strategic corporate expertise and accreditations with metaphysics and transformational thinking which has resulted in people all over the world feeling good about themselves and connected to a sense of purpose.

She created the Success Readiness Bootcamp™, a step by step process that enables people to easily discover their unique talents and abilities and match them to majors, jobs, industries and leisure pursuits. Gina is also the co-author of Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life with NY Times Best Selling Authors Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood and Powerful Connections Made Easy™ with Aprille Trupiano, and is currently working on her next book — Caged in My Cube: The Turnaround Guide For Loving The Job You Hate.

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