The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™ for Experienced Professionals

Adopt a mindset that sets you apart from everyone else

6 Weeks to Clarity, Confidence, and Conviction

  • 1 weekly training call led by Gina
  • 1 weekly private coaching call guided by Gina
  • Targeted homework assignments
  • 100% money-back guarantee

By the time you complete The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™, you will…


  • “I wish I had this information when I was younger.”
  • “I didn’t know I could like myself so much.”


  • your purpose, your life calling — and, the difference between the two
  • jobs that are a great match for your unique talents, interests, values and skills
  • how to explain your unique talents to a potential employer
  • what opportunities to say “YES” to
  • how to make choices that are aligned with your values
  • how to spend your time and money…guilt free!


  • focused, confident, motivated, validated and relieved — released from the fear of living an unhappy life
  • calm and at ease about pursuing a new direction in life


  • opportunities that can enable you to reach your goals
  • others comment on how confident, motivated and happy you are


  • new opportunities will come to you
  • it is possible to discover and live a life you can love in less than 6 weeks!


  • the world opening up to you!

Are you a Bootcamp alumnus?

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Client Profiles

Profile: 30s

Challenge: Career Changer

How we helped:

This client had been in the same job for years and survived every company merger & downsizing. She believed her value was in the number of hours she worked. Secretly, she was miserable and had no confidence left. She channeled her unhappiness to her boss and spilled it over into her personal life.

The Bootcamp™ helped her identify what was unique about both her specific talents as well as her approach to work. The program highlighted that her abilities exceeded what was available in the organization and that she had, in fact, outgrown her job.

With newly found confidence, she landed a new job in New York City which boosted her salary, elevated her level to a management position and no longer tied her value to the number of hours she worked.

Profile: 40s

Challenge: Looking for a more fulfilling career

How we helped:

This client had already achieved a very high level of success in her career. Feeling unsettled, she wanted clarity about her talents and how they could be applied to other occupations. We helped her see how her talents, interests and previous experiences positioned her to work in different occupations which could round out her skill set and position her for future CEO roles. She used the awareness gained to make a strategic move into a new role in a different field, ultimately putting her on a path to her desired goals.

Profile: 50s

Challenge: Returning to the workforce after extended leave

How we helped:

This client was an empty nester who had put her professional career on hold to stay home to raise her family. With her children out of the house, she wanted to start her own business but had no idea what to do. We helped her narrow down options based on her interests, available time and resources.

We identified a business niche and keyed in on an ideal customer base. We put her in touch with marketing professionals to kickstart the company. Excited and confident, this client went on to build the business and found that the work we had done made it easy for her to tap into clients and build her company.