The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™ for Students & Recent College Graduates

Discover a Life You Can Love

6 Weeks to Clarity, Confidence, and Conviction

  • 1 weekly training call led by Gina
  • 1 weekly private coaching call guided by Gina
  • Targeted homework assignments
  • 100% money-back guarantee

By the time you complete The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™, you will…


  • “I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders because I know my calling and the steps I can take to make it a reality.”
  • “I always knew that about myself, but I didn’t know why it mattered.”


  • your purpose, your life calling – and, the difference between the two
  • jobs that are a great match for your unique talents, interests, values and skills
  • what makes you unique over other job candidates and how to explain it in a compelling way to a potential employer
  • how to make decisions with power and confidence


  • focused, confident, motivated, validated and relieved — ready to invest in your development to become qualified and great at what you decide to do!


  • opportunities to serve others and to reach your own goals
  • others comment on how confident, motivated and happy you are


  • new opportunities will come to you
  • it is possible to discover and live a life you can love in less than 6 weeks!


  • the world opening up to you!

Are you a Bootcamp alumnus?

Call me at 888-560-8233 x101 to register for The Bootcamp Alumni Program™ available only to graduates of The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™!

Client Profiles

Profile: High school teenager

Challenge: Confused about his college options

How we helped:

He uncovered insights about himself that would help him with his college application process. By the end of bootcamp, this teen was able to match multiple occupations with his interests and talents and select a major that was a good fit. He discovered confidence that he would be attractive to the schools he was targeting and felt ready to transition into a competitive field of study. We referred him to another professional who helped him identify colleges in his budget for the major he wanted to pursue.

Profile: College student

Challenge: Undecided about a college major and unmotivated to work part-time during school

How we helped:

This client was afraid to pursue his interests. We helped him get in touch with how his interests could be parlayed into actual professions. Next, we identified majors that made sense for those professions and the types of opportunities he could take advantage of while in school. By helping him see a long-term path, he was able to identify short-term goals and quickly, those revelations enabled him to find both a major and a part-time job!

Profile: Early 20s

Challenge: Unhappy with her first job after college

How we helped:

The client in her own words: “With The Discover Your Life Calling Bootcamp™, I found confidence I didn’t know was possible. I was inspired to settle for nothing less than what I wanted. I set expectations and was motivated to pursue them. In less than 3 months I was clear about my aspirations, confident with a positive outlook on life, aware of how I was spending my time, and I was noticing opportunities to have the career and life I wanted.”