…know what you want – part 3

The great thing about getting clear about something you what and making a decision to have it is that you immediately get it. I never used to get that until I realized that taking chronic action on opportunities that bring you closer to what you want just deepens the experience of having what you want.  The more clear (and sure) you are of what you want, the more confidence and conviction you enjoy in the process.  

That feeling is reward enough – wouldn’t you agree?  

Doesn’t it always feels good to know you are getting something you want?  Doesn’t it also feel good to enjoy confidence and feel excited about the actions you take in life?  I know it does for me.  I sometimes get so caught up in this part of the process alone (because it is soooo sweet all by itself), that I often forget the best part of the manifestation process, and that is that you often get more than you ever imagined to be possible.  That is what I love the most about making clear choices – the only thing unforeseen is the magnitude of the gain.  What I didn’t know is that  I could experience emotional overwhelm (in a good way!) because of it.

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