If work has you feeling like “I don’t wanna…” – shift your focus to this…

Sometimes we just don’t wanna do the things we have to do.  The reasons are vast and wide….


We’re tired, cranky, hungry, we don’t feel good, we just need a hug – oy!  We’re downright babies sometimes aren’t we?!


We all have our off days.  We can have our moods from time to time but what we cannot do is sustain a sense of satisfaction from our work if all we are focused on acting on our negatively charged moods.  At work, our moods tend to become negatively charged when we are focused on what we  perceive to be as less than favorable external factors and lack of potential rewards.  This includes things like:


  • doing stuff we don’t like to do (tasks we have to do)
  • worrying about how other people react to what we do
  • interacting with people we don’t like
  • having to do more with less time and resources
  • having to go somewhere we don’t like to do our work
  • working under undesirable conditions


In other words, we are focused on factors we have little to no control over.


I am a believer that we can only EASILY control 3 things at work:

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