Ready to quit? Maybe you should – until you decide what to do – do this…

We all have moments when we fantasize about quitting our jobs.  But when the occasional fantasy becomes a chronic feeling – we become transformed into a Ph.D. credentialed master at noticing more and more evidence that our job or workplace is fakakt’d.  When that happens, it pushes us closer to the brink of quitting on the spot.


Is that you – a master at noticing evidence that your job or place of work is fakakt’d?  How advanced are you in this?  Which of these statements most closely resembles what you’d say about your desire to quit…


  1. “That’s it – I’m outta here!” 
  2. “F*ck this place!”
  3. “F*ck you, you f*ck’n F*CK!” (the “you” here may refer to the boss, the customers, your co-workers, the work environment, the job itself or any/all of the above)


If you picked #1 you might be at risk for noticing more and more offenses that seem to be pushing you to the brink of signing a resignation letter.


If you picked #2 you might not be quite ready to sign a resignation letter and throw it at your boss (not without another job lined up), but you probably have your resume out there.  You might also be scaring the crap out of someone you love that you might come home very early at any given day (probably smoking a cigar and feeling no pain from your middle-of-the-day celebratory drinks because you quit on the spot even though you don’t have another job lined up).


If you picked #3 however – oy!  Just call out “MEDIC!!”  It’s imperative you get yourself some healing – stat!  Your view of the situation may be so damaged that you can’t make a clear and confident decision about what to do on your own.  In the process of not getting help, you’re no doubt causing harm to others – those who probably deserve it – but to innocent by-standers as well.


Is that you?  Are you feeling ready to quit? Maybe you should – until you decide what to do – do this…

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