How livin’ the dream conquers the fear of success (or lack of success)

Client profile #3:


Name (changed of course to protect identity) – Jack


Age range – 30-40


You don-know Jack – or maybe you do ;-)


Jack was a music theory major in college and became a touring recording artist – sounds great so far doesn’t it!!


Even though Jack was livin’ the dream – touring with famous artists and even doing some work for film and TV (plus his Dad supplemented some of his income so he could keep going with his dream – to become a famous artist) – he too had success derailing thoughts.


Jack felt he had a lack of industry knowledge which kept him from getting to the next level with business managers and recording lables.  Jack accepted this degree of limitation he felt he had because he loved playing music so much – why change or stretch himself outside of his comfort zone?  After all, life was pretty good plus he didn’t really have any life obligations beyond fulfilling his own dreams and ambitions – until…

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