Testimonial 11

Gina gives you a timeless process and tools to explore and secure the job you WANT.

Testimonial 10

indigoforce helped me to see who my ideal clients are and how to market to them.

Testimonial 9

I have a blueprint for what I need to do, and I reference it time and time again.

Testimonial 12

The work I did with indigoforce really helped me hone in on my strengths and how they could be applied to my business idea and several other potential professions.

Testimonial 8

indigoforce’s approach and conclusions resulted in a personal “ah-ha” moment for me.

Testimonial 7

You will discover WHAT you love to do and HOW you love to do it.

Testimonial 6

Even if you know what you want to do for your career, Gina can help you gain greater clarity about YOU which can help you sell yourself better.

Testimonial 5

indigoforce’s approach can help you identify how to fit your career into your life.

Testimonial 4

I saw how my earlier career choices could benefit my current and future career decisions.

Testimonial 3

I felt validated in my ability to recognize opportunities that could expand my experience.