Here’s How You Can Feel Fulfilled – Even in a Job You Hate

Client profile #4:


Name – it’s me!


Age range (at the time) – 26-38


Initial situation – I was working in a financial services firm in NYC straight out of college.  It was a dream job for me when I started – it was a job that complimented my business management major, in the field I wanted (HR) and in an industry that suited my personality – smart people, super fast paced, posh, polished and professional.  On top of it, I got the job over 3 other hopeful candidates all who either had more experience or a fancier degree than me PLUS it was a recession when most of my friends were struggling to get any job at all.  The whole thing wreaked of certain success.  And it was for many years, until…

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How livin’ the dream conquers the fear of success (or lack of success)

Client profile #3:


Name (changed of course to protect identity) – Jack


Age range – 30-40


You don-know Jack – or maybe you do ;-)


Jack was a music theory major in college and became a touring recording artist – sounds great so far doesn’t it!!


Even though Jack was livin’ the dream – touring with famous artists and even doing some work for film and TV (plus his Dad supplemented some of his income so he could keep going with his dream – to become a famous artist) – he too had success derailing thoughts.


Jack felt he had a lack of industry knowledge which kept him from getting to the next level with business managers and recording lables.  Jack accepted this degree of limitation he felt he had because he loved playing music so much – why change or stretch himself outside of his comfort zone?  After all, life was pretty good plus he didn’t really have any life obligations beyond fulfilling his own dreams and ambitions – until…

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Here’s how you can avoid having your family on your case this holiday season about your career and life choices.

Client profile #2:


Name (changed of course to protect identity) – Paige


Age range – 21-25


Can you relate to Paige? 


Paige is a recent college graduate who finished her undergrad degree in 4 years (yahoo!).  Even though she was consistently on the Dean’s list, she doesn’t think she is smart and she wasn’t happy with her GPA (overachiever? – maybe).  What’s even more impressive about Paige is that she waitressed her way through school!  She wanted to get through school within 4 years so she could start getting a real paycheck in the real world.


Despite all this ambition and energy (even though Paige didn’t see herself as ambitious), she described herself as “indecisive” and said her biggest struggle has been in developing “confidence” in her choices.  Paige shared that she thought she wanted a degree in social work, rehab counseling or psychology but she was uncertain she could finish any of these degrees within 4 years.  So she settled for a double major in English (which was always her comfort zone) and Anthropology.


Family is the biggest influence in getting out of career indecision – and sometimes it can be the cannon that shoots us right into career indecision (especially if we think we are the black sheep of the bunch)…


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Wanna get free coaching with me? Here’s how – but the offer only lasts a for a short while…

So what goes on in my free consultation anyway?  Let’s look at a typical real life example of potential client profile and the powerful breakthrough they can have in an initial session with me…

Client profile #1:


Name (changed of course to protect identity) – Ashley


Age range – 21-31


Current situation – working less than 2 years at first job out of college – Ashley likes the company she is at, is good at her job in sales (cold calling), and has been successful overall.  However, the job has become monotonous and she is getting bored with it.


Ashley doesn’t think she is using some of her best skills to her fullest ability and some of her skills she doesn’t feel she is using at all.  Why doesn’t anyone notice what she can really do?!  


She isn’t sure if she should switch careers, industries, pursue a promotion or maybe even go back to grad school (well, this wasn’t true for Ashley but it’s so common in many of my other clients in this age range I threw it in there).


Ashley has an idea that her ideal industry would be in entertainment but she doesn’t know enough about the job options within that industry, and her dream job of being a live news or talk show host seems far fetched.  Plus, she is afraid the pay will be way too low to support her big city lifestyle.


So what’s a girl to do?

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