Wanna get free coaching with me? Here’s how – but the offer only lasts a for a short while…

So what goes on in my free consultation anyway?  Let’s look at a typical real life example of potential client profile and the powerful breakthrough they can have in an initial session with me…

Client profile #1:


Name (changed of course to protect identity) – Ashley


Age range – 21-31


Current situation – working less than 2 years at first job out of college – Ashley likes the company she is at, is good at her job in sales (cold calling), and has been successful overall.  However, the job has become monotonous and she is getting bored with it.


Ashley doesn’t think she is using some of her best skills to her fullest ability and some of her skills she doesn’t feel she is using at all.  Why doesn’t anyone notice what she can really do?!  


She isn’t sure if she should switch careers, industries, pursue a promotion or maybe even go back to grad school (well, this wasn’t true for Ashley but it’s so common in many of my other clients in this age range I threw it in there).


Ashley has an idea that her ideal industry would be in entertainment but she doesn’t know enough about the job options within that industry, and her dream job of being a live news or talk show host seems far fetched.  Plus, she is afraid the pay will be way too low to support her big city lifestyle.


So what’s a girl to do?

Thankfully Ashley worked with Brittany (yes, of course I changed her name too) who went through my Discover Your Life Calling 6 week coaching program and successfully made the jump out of the sales pool (a line of work she wasn’t happy with) and into marketing (her newly discovered and better career match given her skills, talents and interests) staying at the same company (Brittany too loved the company even though the job was turning her stomach most days).  For Brittany, this was a move that (rumor has it) no one else has ever done before in the company (“once you’re in cold calling sales you don’t get out” – a little post-Halloween horror for you).  Well, if that was true – it’s true no more!!


Ashley noticed that Brittany seemed happier, more confident and certainly successful in navigating a seemingly impossible transition.  Ashley wanted to get some of what Brittany got – so she asked Brittany how she did it.  Brittany told Ashley about her work with indigoforce and told her she could get a free consultation with me – so Brittany called and we scheduled a session.


In the free consultation Ashley shared her story with me – we talked about a lot of things like…

  • where she was from and how she ended up in the city she was now working and living in (it’s far from where she was raised and went to college)
  • what she went to school for and what she hoped to aspire to upon graduation
  • how she got the job she is currently working at
  • what she likes and dislikes about it (and why she thinks the luster of that job has worn off)
  • what skills she uses and would like to use in her job
  • what she valued most in her life upon graduation (and how that contributed to the situation she had in her life today)
  • what she thinks she would like to accomplish at this point in her career and life
  • what she thinks is going to be an obstacle or challenge to enabling her to accomplish what she wants


Here’s the problem Ashley struggles with that so many of my clients also struggle with (no matter what their age or life circumstance)…


So often people accept that they have an idea of what they want – but they don’t know for sure – and they want to know – for sureThey want to feel confident about what they want – but before they even give themselves the gift of confidence about what they want, they immediately jump to how thoughts (i.e. “how the heck is that going to be possible??”) and therefore begin to shoot down their initial ideas – they say things to themselves like…


  • “I’ll never get to do what I want to do.”
  • “I need money.”
  • “I’m not even sure what I want to do.”
  • “I don’t have any contacts to switch into the work I want to do.”
  • “I’ll never get the pay I want (or need).”
  • “I don’t even know what’s involved in making a career change – I don’t even know what to do to find that out.”
  • did I mention… $$$ – “OMG! I need more money – I can’t take a step back and I’ll probably have to do that if I make a change!”



With all that jabber in their head how could they possibly get clear about what they want especially when they immediately jump to how thoughts and then start shooting their lack of ideas about how down too?


The magic of a career coach…


First – even before the what – get some clarity about something you do well and naturally no matter what job you are in and see how you can apply that to the job or life you have right now.  Yes! – change your attitude, focus and energy overall about the job you have right now – do that first!  What may follow is greater clarity about what other jobs could be an even better match for you (and clarity about how to get those jobs will follow after that).


So we figured out something Ashley does well and naturally and how she can apply that in her current job – the one she is feeling less than inspired by and valued in.


The shift Ashley made in our free consultation is that she doesn’t do “cold-calling sales for an on-line advertising company” – instead, she reconnected with an innate ability to “help people do what they can’t do on their own”.


She applies this in her current job by “helping people learn how to use technology to advertise by walking them through what might otherwise be a scary and intimidating process and investment for their businesses”.  As a result she “helps people who are intimated by technology reach people who need their services but would only use technology and social media to find them”.  As a business owner myself – that inspired me!  I want to be helped by Ashley above an beyond any other sales rep at her company!


Ashley said that free consultation exercise alone helped her shift her attitude!  Shifting your attitude about what you do for others in the job you have (even if it’s a job you hate) is the very first (and most important) step in evolving into doing work you love!


How did I re-connect her to this innate (meaning it’s been there ever since she was a kid playing in a sandbox) ability?  We went through a simple and fun to do exercise that took about 15 minutes. “What’s the exercise?” you might be wondering…


Well I’m not going to tell you that here – but call me and I will take you through it live over the phone!


Already been through my free consultation?  


Then refer a friend and if they sign up for at least $250 worth of services – I will gift you with 60 minutes of coaching services that you can use whenever you want – that’s $150 value!  Or better yet – the holidays are coming, so you can gift the $150 to your referral and I will apply it to their services.  This referral offer is good through December 31, 2015.


Here’s the truth…


The feedback I have received on my “free consultation” has been so good that it’s getting a transformation too!  Staring January 1, 2016 my “free consultation” is going to be a Career Success Insight (“CSI”) Session – an initial coaching session with me that can give you personal clarity about how to gain fulfillment right now from any job – even a job you have and may even hate!


This session will be $47 (a wicked bargain!) that can be applied toward any purchased coaching package.  PLUS, you can receive an additional 10% off my signature program – The Discover Your Life Calling 6 week coaching package if you sign up within 48 hours after our CSI Session.


So now is the time to secure a free consultation with me – for yourself or for someone you know – get a breakthrough that can prepare you for a new year that includes a job you love!  Schedule a free consultation with me by calling me at 888/560-8233.


About Gina Calvano

Gina Calvano is a certified coach and Senior Professional in Human Resources, with over 20 years of experience as a talent management professional in both the private and non-profit sectors. With a unique approach, she combines her strategic corporate expertise and accreditations with metaphysics and transformational thinking which has resulted in people all over the world feeling good about themselves and connected to a sense of purpose.

She created the Success Readiness Bootcamp™, a step by step process that enables people to easily discover their unique talents and abilities and match them to majors, jobs, industries and leisure pursuits. Gina is also the co-author of Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life with NY Times Best Selling Authors Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood and Powerful Connections Made Easy™ with Aprille Trupiano, and is currently working on her next book — Caged in My Cube: The Turnaround Guide For Loving The Job You Hate.

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