Here’s why you may not have gotten the promotion, bigger bonus, salary increase or other reward your less deserving peer did…

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion?  Have you ever experienced not getting as a big of a bonus or salary increase as you thought you deserved given the results you delivered?


These things are always a big let down for sure.  However, they downright “steam your bean” when someone you believe is less deserving gets them.   Your mind immediately goes into thinking “What do they have that I don’t have?”


Well, as a former head of HR I can tell you that often there are multiple factors that play into those seemingly unfair choices – and you can’t always predict or control all the reasons why some less deserving peer got what you wanted – and deserved!


But I can share a secret with you…


No one gets those things without having an edge over their higher performing (and sometimes more loyal and experienced) peers.


So here’s why you may not have gotten the promotion, bigger bonus, salary increase or other reward your less deserving peer did..

One way to get an edge is to convey your intentions for OTHERSWhat the heck does that mean?  Let me explain…


Intention is defined as:  the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose


Understanding your intentions means you first have to clarify your purpose.  Purpose is defined as: the reason why something is done or used :  what a person is trying to do, become, etc.


You must understand not only your intention and purpose but understand them within the context of how they benefit others – those you work with and serve everyday at your job (co-workers, customers, employees, bosses, shareholders, the community, etc.).  It’s about understanding and conveying how we want people to feel (moreso than what you want them to be able to do or accomplish) when they have you around – how you want them to feel is your intention for them.


People read our intentions all the time – after all, we are spiritual, intuitive beings first and much moreso than we are company employees.


Making a difference for others – working from our intentions – is super easy to do when you give what’s easy for you to give to others.  It’s your unique qualities, knowledge, abilities coupled with knowing how those things can impact others – how they can make other’s lives and work easier and more enjoyable.


So the key is to first identify what’s easy for you to give.  Then it’s to understand what’s possible for another to feel, accomplish or experience as a result of what you give – that’s the core basis for feeling connected to a sustainable sense of purpose.


Once you get clear about what your intention is for others, you will automatically (magically) be motivated to operate from those intentions – it becomes effortless.  It then shifts the energy you give off to others.  It will change – for the better – how others react to you.  They will get that you have something of value to offer to them beyond the tasks associated with their job – it’s what you have to offer to them as a person.  They get that you are not a person that’s just all about yourself.  This is the subtle (but more important), subjective (feeling) side of performing tasks and executing processes.


Let me give you a visual so you can understand this even better…


Think of the goals and results you achieve at your job as the meat on the burger you serve everyday.  Intentions are the secret sauce that sets you apart from every other burger out there.  That sauce is necessary to be noticed, valued and respected on a unique and different level AND for you to feel fulfilled on a different level.


Intentions are about how we make a difference for others.  Think for a moment about how making a difference for others makes you feel?


Among the many different things it makes you feel, it probably makes you feel powerful – doesn’t it?


Accessing an unending supply of personal power and fulfillment comes from striving to live from your intentions for others.    Material rewards from being loyal to our work and doing our job well are awesome!!  But the problem with them is that you cannot control getting materials rewards from your job.  I think it’s a beautiful by-design gift from the Universe – we can’t control others to give us the materials rewards we want because there is no sustainable supply of power and fulfillment from receiving external/material markers of success.  Sustainable personal power and fulfillment comes from an internally controlled source of deciding how we will make a difference for others (in our unique way).  Work is an excellent playground for experiencing this sense of power and fulfillment (about 5x a week for 40 hours a week!).


So, the goal is not to persuade people that you are being your intentions – the goal is become clear about your intentions and to commit to chronically be your definition of your intentions as best as you can.  We can never control how we will ultimately show up to (or what we will get from) others – our standards may not equally match our peer’s standards.  Those who interact with you – those who benefit from your intentions – will decide if your best display of your intentions is of value to them or not.  So even if your best efforts are not of personal value to those who benefit from your efforts, I guarantee you will show up to them in a different way – a way that earns authentic respect and inspires them to want to help you.  Once you gain that – material rewards (more than you can imagine) follow naturally!




The edge you can have over your less experienced, less loyal, lower performing peers is that they probably convey their intentions unwittingly – they come from a subconscious place.


You may feel that the trade off for proper recognition is “political” – to schmooze, go out for drinks and dinners, be willing to travel more or to participate in company events and outings – things that take time away from other things that matter to you (your family, relaxing evenings at home, favorite hobbies, maybe it’s to avoid any kind of schmoozing at all – etc.).  If that’s so then try to see that indulging in “self-intention” fulfillment has a value trade-off for “others-intention” fulfillment.  There is nothing wrong with “self-intention” ambitions – in fact they are necessary!  But nothing will give you a more sustainable sense of fulfillment as when you balance “self-intentions” with “others-intentions”.


Get clear and focused about your “others-intentions” and you will have an edge over those peers who are sucking up all the rewards you crave and deserve – because conscious intentions trumps subconscious intentions any day!


It’s possible to discover and live your values and intentions!  Call me today to schedule a free 1 hour consultation and get on track to get all the recognition you deserve!


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About Gina Calvano

Gina Calvano is a certified coach and Senior Professional in Human Resources, with over 20 years of experience as a talent management professional in both the private and non-profit sectors. With a unique approach, she combines her strategic corporate expertise and accreditations with metaphysics and transformational thinking which has resulted in people all over the world feeling good about themselves and connected to a sense of purpose.

She created the Success Readiness Bootcamp™, a step by step process that enables people to easily discover their unique talents and abilities and match them to majors, jobs, industries and leisure pursuits. Gina is also the co-author of Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life with NY Times Best Selling Authors Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood and Powerful Connections Made Easy™ with Aprille Trupiano, and is currently working on her next book — Caged in My Cube: The Turnaround Guide For Loving The Job You Hate.

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