Got skills? Highly motivated? Working hard? Still not reaping the rewards you deserve? Of course you aren’t, here’s why…

“My success isn’t a result of arrogance – it’s a result of belief.”  Conor McGregor


Do you believe that success comes easily when you have some special talent or ability?  Do you believe that motivation is key?  Do you believe it is a by-product of hard work?  Early in my career, I believed those things.  Actually, I still believe success is possible with any of those things – it’s also exhausting, not fun, and can leave you vulnerable for feeling like you ultimately don’t matter anyway no matter how well you get paid.


In my many years as an HR executive I have witnessed countless people who were facing performance counseling become upset about not being valued because of…


  • what they could do (but of course, weren’t being utilized to their full ability)
  • they are self-motivated (“My boss pays no attention to me and still I get my work done”)
  • how hard they work (they felt they worked hard – why didn’t anyone else?)


“How dare other people not see all these wonderful things about me!” was the bubble fixated over their head while they were in their performance counseling meeting.


Often, what people fail to absorb is that what you do is never more important than how you impact others.  What you do will never give you power – only this will…

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Still ready to quit? Want to be transitioned to a job you love much faster and easier? Then stop doing this to yourself …

Warning:  this blog might be tough to read…


… but it can help you gain your power back in a job situation you just wanna quit.


Buckle up…


Identifying with any of the 3 scenarios in my latest blog series about quitting your job is living in agreement that there’s something wrong with your current job, employer, work environment, etc.


This erroneously identifies the problem as being outside of yourself leaving you powerless and in victim mode.  Still ready to quit? Want to be transitioned to a job you love much faster and easier?  Then stop doing this to yourself …

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I love that this was said…

In Napoleon Hill’s famous book – Think and Grow Rich he points out that . . .


Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + Faith = Results


So what we think, feel, do and believe = our reality


How is not part of the equation!


In other words, if you can imagine it, wrap some passion around it, get into action in support of it, and stay faithful/hopeful that you will achieve it (and not let how trip you up too much) – you will get it – always.


It is important to know that whatever you want is given 100% of the time in the form of an opportunity not in the form of a result.  Results are a by-product of our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.


When we figure out enough how ideas (I like to think of 3 things I can do immediately to get things rolling), to get us in the right kinds of activity and energy for experiencing our what AND we stay open to more how idea showing up as we go along – and we take advantage of them when they do show up – we sustain our clarity, confidence and conviction for what we want. We stay more certain of what we want and that we will have it if we stay motivated to persist in achieving it.


We come to know that, by staying the course, our results could be as great as, or even better than, anything we could have initially imagined.


If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life – see if spending more time getting clear on what you want and taking 3 steps to make it happen helps you recognize opportunities that already exist around you for making what you want happen in a faster, more vivid way.


Want some help discovering “your what”?


Sign up today for a Confident Life Choices session.


Connect to a sense of purpose through identifying and living in support of 5 intentions that matter most for you to feel valued and fulfilled in the life you have right now.  Perfect for getting your priorities for happiness and success straight and living life from them (and stop living from everyone else’s agenda).


This session is offered to new clients at $97.  Plus, I offer you the opportunity to secure additional sessions with me at a preferred rate if you find more coaching would be helpful.


Sign me up now! (call me or send me an email to set up your session today!)


Best wishes for your sustainable success and happiness!

Could doing this be the reason you continue to struggle to get the results you want?

Every day I get a daily quote emailed to me from Abraham-Hicks Publications.  This past week I got one that speaks to a principle I teach my clients for how to connect to a sense of purpose and fulfillment from their work.


The quote read:


“When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there’s usually less resistance within you than when you talk about what you want and how you’re going to get it.  When you pose questions you don’t have answers for, like how, where, when, who it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down.”  


What this quote shares is simple – you have control over what and why and almost no control over all the other stuff.


Clouding up your thinking and feelings with things you cannot control like who, when, where and how gunks up the physics of manifesting what you want.


Think about it for yourself – which of these two scenarios would energize you more…

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Why is it so hard for me to figure out what I actually want to do for my next job?

This year I started reading A Course in Miracles – this is no small feat.  For starters it’s over 600 pages and printed on what I call Bible paper.  The book is meant to be read over the course of a year and it will definitely take me at least that long.  Mentors of mine report that it has taken them over 4 years to get through it – so it is not an easy read – even for some of the most advanced transformational thinkers.



So why read it?



Because it’s worth the work – in fact it’s part of doing “my work”.  What does “my work” mean – I’ll get to that in a minute…



I always stumble across phrases in this book that truly are gold to me.  Everything I experience in my life is through a filter of “how can I apply this to my work” and it’s with that spirit that I have been reading this book.  So with that approach, I often find things that so beautifully reflect what I have experienced and what I hear many of my clients going through – especially when they need help navigating a job they hate.



There’s this one phrase from the book that I feel really answers the question “Why is it so hard for me to figure out what I actually want to do for my next job?” and I’ll share the phrase with you in a bit.



This is hard to answer for a few reasons…



#1 because it’s not the real question.  The real question is “Why is it so hard for me to connect with what will enable me to feel fulfilled – like I matter and make a difference for others?”




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I love this book…



Want to learn more about how to live and work from a sense of power and overcome the “forced” existence?  Check out Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins.  I devoured this book – once I started I couldn’t put it down!  Learn about the levels of human consciousness and what builds power vs what drains power.  This book explains “The Law of Attraction” before that term was even a household phrase.  This book offers an (easy to understand) scientific and spiritual framework for understanding how people (and therefore) the world around us works.

May the force not be with you

Have you ever felt forced to do something at work you knew was downright wrong?  Of course you have – we all have!  “Wrong” holds no degrees of “wrongness”.  We think it does – but the truth is if something doesn’t feel right – no matter how minor it might seem (i.e. assuring someone a deadline can be met when you’re just not quite sure that’s true or telling someone you read something you didn’t read – not yet anyway!), it leaves us feeling uneasy and it drains our sense of personal power.  


You might think it’s easier to cope with “wrong” doing when the decision to engage in a minor level of corporate cloak and dagger is in your control – and better yet – when it’s a secret you can keep to yourself – no one will ever know!  You might justify these little white lies as necessary to keep the peace (in corporate speak this really means – to preserve your reputation with people you believe have power to harm you in some way).  


But, when it’s out of your control…


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5 Simple Things You Can Practice to Experience a Richer, More Sustainable Sense of Happiness…

Well we are into the new year – your first full week back to work is behind you and now you have 51 weeks ahead of you – yay!


Are you also a week into your new year’s resolution?


As we all know, most people fall back into old routines by February – so do resolutions not work?  I don’t think resolutions work or don’t work – I think only the people adopting them do (or don’t) work – as in they do or don’t do the work involved in keeping that resolution active in your life.  If you tend to drift away from resolutions – no judgment – I do too.  Maybe the reason they don’t work for me (and what I do instead), will resonate with you too…


Personally, I am not one for resolutions because they mostly exist within the context of doing something differently or taking some new routine or ritual into your life with the belief that the benefit of that new ritual will bring you something wonderful that wasn’t there before.  In other words, it implies that something was wrong in your life before and this resolution is the answer to fixing that wrong.  It all sounds like a fat recipe for disaster to me because all it does is bring you into a deeper awareness of the wrong in your life – which usually only brings more wrong into your life.  Who wants that – not me – so after about 21 days I only become more present to what was wrong in the first place – no thanks!


Instead, I have learned to

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Can’t find your purpose? 8 characteristics can help you let your purpose unfold…

There’s nothing like good TV watching over the holiday break and my favorite kind of TV is documentaries and anything related to spiritual or self development – boring to some (probably) many – I know – but then, on the other hand, I also like silly, slapstick “Dumb and Dumber”-esque comedies – go figure!  I am who I am!


Anyway, recently I was watching a Super Soul Sunday show on the OWN network with Oprah and she was interviewing Wintley Phipps – a world-renowned vocal artist, education activist, motivational speaker, pastor, and CEO and Founder of the U.S. Dream Academy.  For nearly 30 years, Pastor Phipps has traveled the world delivering messages of hope, advocacy, and equality to many thousands of people.


In this interview with Oprah, Pastor Phipps shared 8 dimensions of characteristics that he feels most reflect the characteristics of God.  Through practicing these characteristics he believes it’s possible to gain clarity about your personal destiny.


I thought these were great traits that reflect what I have observed in many of the most cherished and valued high-performing employees I have known over nearly 25 years in my work.


Can’t find your purpose? 8 characteristics can help you let your purpose unfold…Here are Pastor Phipps 8 traits and my ideas of how I have sensed these traits in top performing, happy employees. 

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Here’s why you may not have gotten the promotion, bigger bonus, salary increase or other reward your less deserving peer did…

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion?  Have you ever experienced not getting as a big of a bonus or salary increase as you thought you deserved given the results you delivered?


These things are always a big let down for sure.  However, they downright “steam your bean” when someone you believe is less deserving gets them.   Your mind immediately goes into thinking “What do they have that I don’t have?”


Well, as a former head of HR I can tell you that often there are multiple factors that play into those seemingly unfair choices – and you can’t always predict or control all the reasons why some less deserving peer got what you wanted – and deserved!


But I can share a secret with you…


No one gets those things without having an edge over their higher performing (and sometimes more loyal and experienced) peers.


So here’s why you may not have gotten the promotion, bigger bonus, salary increase or other reward your less deserving peer did..

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